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Monday, August 1, 2016

the quest for freedom

 August has arrived right on schedule. At least one thing makes sense. The rest of what is going on in this country leaves me wondering. I'm thinking we have gone a little crazy. It is a constant barrage of outrageous happenings, in politics and in the weather. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but I wonder who is behind all of this. Could be those Chinese, they have a reputation for being sneaky. I mean, who knows what is going on behind that wall of theirs. And with that I have exposed myself. Now, I will be labeled a racist. There are those that will insist I am prejudiced. I'll save them the trouble and admit to it. I do have preconceived ideas about others and tend to judge them accordingly. Anything I am not completely familiar with I approach with caution. Better to be safe than sorry. I don't think it is unreasonable to have prejudice. Perpetrating a prejudicial view when you know it to be false is the real crime here. But are prejudices a self fulfilling prophecy ? What I mean is, if you are the subject of that prejudice will you react accordingly when faced with that prejudice ? I think that is a 50/50 chance. With our presidential candidates this time around isn't that what we are really talking about ? One candidate attempting to influence their followers to be prejudicial against the others. In fact they wish to foster discrimination. You are being forced to make a choice based on what ? The choice is based solely on their credibility. Which one do you believe ? In one hundred and three days we head to the polls and make that choice. Forty three days following that is Christmas. And times moves on.
 The older I get the faster time appears to move. Mom always says that and now I am beginning to understand. Another idiom comes to mind, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Seasons come and go and so too, social conventions. Each generation adding to or subtracting from those conventions. We seniors tend to mourn the loss of decorum we grew up with. The latest generation looks at the past as the "old " ways. The truth remains, Ecclesiastes 1:9 New International Version (NIV)
What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
It is all a big cycle. History does repeat itself. A study of history will not necessarily bring relief, but will help with understanding. This contentious spirit we are feeling, as a nation today, is somewhat akin to the feeling that existed just prior to the Civil war. As Lincoln said, a nation divided. I don't think anyone would deny that we are divided right now. The division that exists, exists along economic lines. Does that sound familiar ? It should, that is what the Civil war was really all  about. Setting aside morality and ideals its' primary impetus was the ability to conduct commerce. And what was gained from that conflict ? One could boil it down to one thing, the ability of an entire class of people ( mostly Africans that is true, but not the sole benefactors ) to conduct commerce for their own welfare. To free them to pursue their dreams. And what is the goal today ? If history truly is an indicator, it is further government control of the masses. Under the guise of  " public welfare " government control will be imposed. Can a government be prejudiced ? I say, certainly it can. It can by its' laws, codes, and regulations prejudge the actions of its' citizens. Anytime something is restricted or banned isn't that a prejudicial action ? How can it not be ? Take something like gun control. Isn't that the government assuming I will do something bad with that gun ? How is that not prejudicial ? Because, you say, there are so many mass shootings. Does that mean everyone with a gun will eventually commit a mass shooting ? That's crazy isn't it, but yet it is exactly what is being proposed. In fact our Republic, formed by rebellion, was instituted in response to prejudice. Again,  the restriction of commerce was the real cause. Prejudice is just the mask used to hide the reality. It is only when we remove that mask that truth is revealed.
 Like a great number of Americans I sit and contemplate this election and its' final outcome. I look at it with fear and uncertainty. I listen to the rhetoric and barbs of the candidates. I hear prejudicial comments from all camps. It is nothing new but feels a little different this time. I struggle to put my finger on just what that is. I wonder if I can really affect future events. I'm not certain but I have to try. I am compelled to cast a ballot. So much to consider, so much prejudice to set aside. One candidate is a career politician, and bonus points, a woman. The other is a businessman. Both seek the same thing.  Wealth and power. That is the real goal here, isn't it ? Am I cynical to believe such ? Perhaps, but I believe a person has to be motivated by such to achieve their positions. The quest for ultimate power and wealth. The leader of the free world. The big question is, how much freedom will you sacrifice to be free ?