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Thursday, August 11, 2016

locking the door

 I was talking with my mother, who is now 86, about the old home town. It is always a comfort to share memories, wrap yourself up in them like a favorite blanket. We both agreed that was another time and place and will never be again. There was no sorrow associated with that thought, just resignation. Resigned to reality is the best way I can describe it. We shared a particular memory that did reflect upon the past. We remembered when they replaced the big old wooden doors at St. Lukes church with glass ones. The old folks couldn't believe it. Those new glass doors did allow you to see inside at night, with the lights shining down upon the altar. It is a beautiful sight. But we both also remembered when those doors were never locked. I haven't walked up the steps to St. Lukes in many years but expect the doors are not left open anymore. A sign of the times I would suppose. I know that the churches here lock their doors at night and it is a sad reality that it is a necessity.
 After our conversation I thought about that for a while. What has changed , on a fundamental level, to necessitate such a thing ? One can only assume the fear of God is not being taught any more. Or is it that the reality of God is not being taught ? The later would seem to be the case. When I was young I heard no one deny the existence of God. I heard those that said he didn't interfere with what was going on in the world and would therefore take a chance. Some became desperate enough to " risk " it. I never heard anyone say there wasn't a God though. It must be this removal of consequence that compels folks to steal from a church. I mean, I was taught that a church, or synagogue is the house of the lord ! We didn't have any mosques where I grew up but they would certainly have qualified also. I don't know, it wasn't exactly a conscience thing, this fear of God, but it was a possibility. A lightening bolt may strike you at any second. Misbehaving in church was really taking a chance, to sneak in and steal was to invite your doom. The God I heard about would " loose the fateful lightening of his terrible swift sword, his truth is marching on " and you don't mess with that ! That was indeed a fundamental reason for doing what was right. Today it seems we like to hedge our bets a bit more. We are not teaching our children to be " steadfast " anymore. Now being open minded is the mantra. Being steadfast is considered being stubborn, or worse. But are they the same thing ? I don't believe so. Steadfast is being resolute or dutifully loyal. When it comes to certain things I would rather be steadfast. Take love for instance. Would you rather someone be " open minded " about their love for you or be " steadfast " in that love ? The answer is a no brainer isn't it ? Does that make the person stubborn ?
 It does appear to me that the action of being " steadfast " is shown in a different fashion today. It is usually accompanied by protests, petitions and in some cases violence. No longer are we quietly firm in our beliefs. We do feel compelled to defend those beliefs. Was a time we felt compelled to act in accordance with those beliefs, that was the primary mission. That is why we didn't steal from the church, it was a fundamental belief. That action was sure to bring the wrath of God down upon you ! If it wasn't immediate, a distinct possibility, you knew it was waiting for you. We have grown cynical and that is the problem. That cynicism is expressed by the locking of the door. Now, it is expected.  I'm certain there are churches that still have there doors open, but it is the reality that some must lock that door that I find sad.