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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Victim or survivor

  Are we all victims and survivors ? At least that is the narrative I hear every day on the news, I hear it everywhere I go. We are one or the other. How did we reach this point ? That is what I want to know. I'm beginning to see a nation wallowing in self pity. If we are not feeling sorry for themselves, we are feeling sorry for everyone else. If you enjoy a little success that makes you a survivor. That is what I keep hearing. Even the president said, if you have a business you didn't do that yourself ! That is the attitude I'm talking about. Any success you achieve is not the result of your own actions, you are indebted to someone or something. If you meet with failure it is because you are a victim ! It is either the rich folks,  your race, or your ethnicity that caused that failure. You were victimized !
 The main thing being victimized today is the truth ! We are not to tell the plain unvarnished truth about anything. No , you can only say what does not offend. If that truth is inconvenient or perhaps " hurtful " in some way it is best not to mention that. It is also acceptable to just fabricate " facts " to fit whatever narrative you wish to present. Choosing the lesser of two evils is acceptable, indeed that concept is being supported. What most seem to forget is that choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil ! So they wind up justifying that. But you can not tell that truth either without being met with scorn or sarcasm. It is similar to being only, a little pregnant.
 Now I'm not saying the truth can't be told. It is, but is often so glossed over ( varnished ) as to be blinding to the average listener. That is the magic of a politician. They have that gift, if you want to call it that, of saying their truths and making it sound right. The easiest method of accomplishing that is to make you a victim and then offer a remedy. Are you less than wealthy ? No problem, redistribute the wealth. Barring that, we can raise the wage. That is what one side is spewing forth, The other is going to create jobs. You can earn your wealth. You have been victimized by the immigrants flooding the country, taking all the jobs and getting all the free stuff. Well sir, we will build a wall and deport them folks ! That will level the playing field. If you are not currently on welfare or collecting other government " benefits " you are a survivor. You should be rewarded with the return of your country. That is the big promise there. Things will be like the past, you know when everyone in America was proud and patriotic. Before we were victims and survivors. Back when we were Pioneers, leading the world.
 If I wanted to divide a group of people the easiest way to do it is create winners and losers. The losers are the victims and the winners are the survivors. Isn't that the way it works ? We even have television shows exposing that philosophy. People eat that stuff up don't they ? The survivors are rewarded. The victims are sometimes offered a second chance. Who is the real winner in all that ? The shows producers are, they are making money. They can afford to throw a few bucks at the survivors, no big deal. Government works in a similar fashion. The only difference between the two party offerings is the manner of distribution of that reward. One promises that you will be given that reward and the other promises you can earn it. The truth is both ways leave you dependent upon the government. Both are evils in their own right. The evil is that you are not given the choice of right, but the choice of which is less wrong. Which will you choose ? Victim or survivor ?
 The quick answer will always be survivor. The person that has suffered through injustice and adversity. Isn't that want we all believe ? You have to be a victim first don't you ? Then you can be a survivor, the ultimate achievement. The hero in the story becomes you ! Is that why I hear this so much today ? What about just calling it life. Is being alive being victimized and the goal to become a survivor ? Well I don't see it that way. Having life presents opportunity. That what it is, a chance. To adopt the attitude of I'm a victim is to admit defeat. I haven't been beaten yet ! I'm still here. In case you have forgotten one little thing about life let me be the one to remind you. You won't survive it ! You will die one day. I refuse to live as a victim. I'm not a survivor either. I am just a person doing the best I can. If my fellow man chooses to help I'm, grateful. If you have more than I, good for you. If you have less, I'll try to help. I feel no guilt for your circumstance and no guilt for mine. It is just life, get on with it.