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Just Me
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spouting off

 How did we arrive at the conclusion that the majority decision should always be in favor of the minority ? That is to say, how come being in a majority now gets you labeled a bigot ? I'm sorry, but that is the impression I have been getting lately. I can't say when this started taking root exactly, maybe it started with allowing the flag to be worn as clothing, or support for burning draft cards. Maybe it has something to do with Roe v Wade. All I know is I'm getting concerned for our country. You can't have a nation without nationality ! It appears being patriotic and having the best national interest in mind is wrong. Now before you go off thinking I'm a Trump supporter let me nip that in the bud. I am not. I do support my country and her values. That being said, that is where this issue lies.
 Everyone agrees uncontrolled immigration, open borders, is not a feasible way to run a country. At the same time we are calling folks racists, bigots and any number of names for not allowing that practice. Should you support deporting the illegal entrants you will be labeled ! No doubt about that is there ? Even suggesting that the proper papers be shown is considered discriminatory. I remember when getting my drivers license how it was stressed what a privilege that was. Now, it is being given to illegal immigrants because why ? I don't know you tell me. They have earned that privilege by sneaking across the border ?  Also the reason they should get food stamps and medical care ? Oh but I'm a bigot for saying that right ? They are just trying to escape from their homeland and seeking refuge in America. Yeah, I get that, but there are legal methods in place for that, use them. I need money too, maybe for the same reasons, to make a better life for myself and my family but I don't get to rob the bank !
 Exceptions, there are too many exceptions. That is the bottom line to me. You can not have discipline and order when granting exceptions. It is not a sometimes thing. We have laws and they should be equally enforced. There are no exceptions in the law. Yet we continue to grant them in a never ending stream because we are so afraid of being labeled as discriminatory. We follow the exception up by changing the law. If it isn't illegal, that makes it right. That is the mindset I am seeing. Well I am not one to buy that packet. There are things that are just plain wrong and no law can make it right. It is only the degree of punishment one receives that determines the severity of the law, isn't that what we think ? That is what is being taught anyway. If it is only a " little wrong " we can overlook it. Sewing the flag to the seat of your pants is only a little disrespectful. We allowed that and now what ? Do whatever you like, including burning that flag, it's alright, why it is a constitutional right of mine to do that ! Now you got the boys in the girls bathrooms and that is alright ! Oh but I'm homophobic or some other such term for saying that. Bull, it is the unvarnished truth regardless of what identity you choose. It is just plain wrong. And it has nothing at all to do with your " personal " life choices. If you want to wear a dress and play makeup fine, do it at home or in the boys bathroom. You know what, there are consequences for the choices we make, if you are not committed enough to accept the consequences of your actions, don't do those actions ! Simple isn't it. I chose to join the Navy. I had to live with those consequences, no exceptions. Yes, I earned some privileges by doing so. The key being, I earned them, they were not granted or given. Cause and effect. And the most distressing of all is when we decided one person has the right to decide if another person lives, before that person is even born. The unborn can now be legally punished with the death sentence ! Think about that for a minute. Yet these same folks will tell you capital punishment is wrong, and the criminals should be rehabilitated and reintroduced into society. The unborn get no introduction . It is more convenient that way. Hey, it is not illegal so it must be right.
 If we wish to have a nation we have to have unity. That was the idea behind the " United " states after all. One nation , under God. Now you aren't supposed to say that anymore. We can't mention God in a public forum, it may offend. Yes, and you know what it offends, sensibilities. Interjecting God who does administer the ultimate punishment, causes one to pause. I believe that to be true even to those that say otherwise. It is my feeling when they are alone, in the dead of night they consider that possibility. Far too many are distracted by the glitz and glamor of living these days. We need to return to understanding that the majority makes the rules, no exceptions. It is alright to be in the majority, in fact, it is a great thing. We must remember that like a parent raising a child we must make the best decision possible for every situation. Sometimes the child ain't gonna like it. If you start changing every decision to suit the child soon the child is in charge. Then what do you have ? Pretty much what you see happening in this country right now. Name calling, it's not fair and I want.
 Now I feel a little better. Thanks for reading.