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Just Me
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


 I almost always write these blogs first thing in the morning. It has become somewhat of a habit. A routine if you will. Oh there are times when inspiration strikes and I write in the afternoon or evening but that is a rare occurrence. I have been thinking about writing in the afternoon as a sort of experiment. There is no doubt that our mood changes throughout the day. I'm thinking that would certainly influence my thoughts. I'm curious as to what my blog may reflect if I did that. Would the overall tone of them change ? Could I even do that knowing it is an experiment without that knowledge tainting the result ?
 I do not write about anything in particular or with any agenda in mind. I just write about what comes to mind. Sometimes nothing comes to mind and I'll write those no-brainer ones. Of course some may say all my blogs are no-brainers ! That's all right though I don't mind. My musings, as I like to call them, help clear my mind. I do attempt to explain the reason I think or believe what I do. It is not necessary that others understand it as long as they enjoy reading it. I've read a lot of books I didn't really understand but they were all valuable. There are some things I will never understand, like abstract art. Just looks like a mess to me. To each their own though, if you see it as something else that's fine. Secretly I'll laugh at you. I will not pretend to like it or understand it, but be polite. That is what I was taught. If it doesn't do any harm, leave it alone. The same goes for bugs and animals. If they ain't hurting you, leave them alone.
 There are times when a single thought comes to mind and I don't understand what it is trying to tell me. This morning it occurred to me that our lives are in a funnel. We are being directed to a certain area. When we are born the funnel is wide, full of possibilities. As the years pass it becomes more and more restricted, Time speeds up. The years go by faster and faster. We are rushing to a conclusion. When we pass through the throat of that funnel where will we be ? I believe we will enter paradise. A wide open space were we are unfettered by sickness, sorrow, or any of the other maladies of mankind. Free at last. A funnels purpose is to guide us through a narrow passage. The gate to heaven is a narrow one. The issue is, if we are all in the funnel together wouldn't we all wind up in the same place ? I also believe that not everyone will make that journey so how do they escape the funnel ? I don't yet have a theory for that.
 Well I wandered around here this morning. That is how my thoughts are going so far. The sun is up and the day looks bright. The kids start school this morning and the seasons move forward. I saw the " fall " grass popping up in the lawn yesterday. Won't be long now. A new routine will establish itself.