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Just Me
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Saturday, August 27, 2016


 You could say I have always been somewhat of an observer in life. I always seem to be a little on the fringe. It is not a conscious choice on my part, but the role I was assigned. In recent years I have begun to record those observations in the form of these blog postings. Perhaps the internet and this whole cyber space thing was created to satisfy that. I was born at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place. Serendipity ? Perhaps , perhaps not, it is not important. Everything said or done is not of importance. Their are amusements and anecdotes in life. Some would say I have concerned myself more with them than being a productive member of society. I say, at least I'm not a drain on society. It is all in the way you choose to view it.
 Is the goal in life the acquisition of property ? Most will tell you it is not, while they fervently pursue just that. That is because when you have achieved that financial independence you can just do whatever you like. That is the perception anyway but the reality is quite a bit different. I have known a few that had financial independence and they still wanted more. Enough is never enough. I'm not saying they were all fanatical about it, but the the desire to increase their possessions remained strong. None I knew seemed satisfied. I would expect it is simply because it is their nature to be a doer, not an observer. The world needs both.
 I find myself frequently pondering this situation we call life. What is the purpose of life and why am I here ? Does there even need to be a reason ? I guess that is why I observe so much, I'm trying to learn. I have always found it easier to learn by watching someone else do the task first. I have often jokingly said, I could watch a master work for hours. It is not because I'm lazy, that is the joke, but I really do admire a fine workman. I find a satisfaction in watching a skilled craftsman do his or her task. It is like observing art. Something to appreciate. The problem I face is watching life. By the time I am finished watching, it will be over ! I may have learned how to do it by then, but by then it will be too late, or will it ? That leaves me with one question. Is this all there is ? The answer would appear to be , yes. This is it, for this world. I don't believe anyone has ever come back from wherever to tell us otherwise. Well, except for one and he was God. We are not Gods. And he only came back to prove a point. He had already told us about the reward of heaven and came back to show us he was telling the truth. I'm convinced.
 All of that does nothing to explain why we are here in the first place. Perhaps we are an amusement or an anecdote. If that is the case, I'm on the right track. I can't envision a creator that would place us here to create things ? Why would he want us to do that ? He created the heaven and the earth he could certainly make anything he likes. So I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't be worried about why I'm here at all. It is just a fact that I am. What is important is what I do while I am here. I do think we all have a purpose. Will I ever know that purpose ? Better still, do I need to know that purpose in order to fulfill it ? I've known some folks that claim to know their life's mission and are in pursuit of that. Most I know don't even think about it. They are the ones concerned with property and such. Then there is me, on the fringe. Wondering about one and participating in the other. I'm doing neither one with what I would call passion.
 I wonder if passion is fueled by desire to be in the light. That is to say, be noticed. Oh, we all want that to a certain degree there is no denying that. We all want to be recognized for our contributions. Is the urgency of that need to be recognized the driving force behind these folks ? Is that why they are the go-getters ? I'm not talking about those that are seeking financial gain or the acquisition of property solely, but those that are passionate in their interests. Musicians, artists, writers , poets  and missionaries. All those types of people. Businessmen are included in that grouping as well. Is it that which drives me to write these blogs ? Could be, I can't rule that possibility out. Is that wrong ? Only when those pursuits causes harm to others or to yourself. All things in moderation.
 Well it is time to check my lottery tickets to see if I am a millionaire. You can win financial independence. I, along with millions of others dream of what I would do. I would start by buying stuff. Funny how that works isn't it ? Can you buy piece of mind ? I don't know but I would like to try. I wonder if I do win will I remain as concerned with these esoteric pursuits as I currently am. I may become distracted. Of course, I may already be distracted and being a millionaire would force me to focus ! Life is fifty/fifty. That is the way I see it anyway.