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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Old memories and music

 I didn't watch the CMA show the other night. I did see about a half hour or so and that was enough. I guess I'm just discriminating. I watched two performers and it seemed like they were the same person, just different clothes. They both seemed to be trying, just a little too hard to be cool. That is my opinion and I make no apology for it. I think what I saw is being called by some as, bro country. I would say that was an applicable moniker for what I saw. I used to listen to country music radio but no more. The songs are all the same, the artists sound the same, and there is just too much screaming for my taste. Now I have taken to listening to either " classic " country or the " oldies. " Funny how both of those seem so familiar to me, but I am neither old or classic. Oh well, to each their own.
 There are those that stay with the times. I would say I don't really want to hang with this crowd. I miss George, Merle, Willie and the boys. When they hit the first few notes of a song you knew who was gonna hear. Each artist was unique. Somewhere along the line they became homogenized. Few seem genuine to me. Maybe it isn't their fault, maybe the business demands that of them. They appear to be country boys but with city sensibilities. Where are the stars ? The last country band I remember being impressed with was the Zac Brown band. They had several good hits and where are they now ? Seems like no one can string them together anymore. I miss the days when they left you wanting more, anxious to hear the next hit. Now you can just play the same one all day and hardly know the difference. Well I suppose that is what you get when you want everyone to think you are a " redneck " at the same time telling folks that ain't cool. It is a rather ambiguous situation. And for me it just doesn't work.
 Now I'm not saying these folks don't have talent, they certainly do. What I am saying is it is a shame they have to portray themselves they way they do. It is all about the marketing, I understand that. The thing is I do wonder how many could step away from the auto tuner, grab a old flat top guitar and entertain you. Those icons of country music could do that with three cords. No explosions, no jumping up and down, no screaming, just heartfelt words set to a simple melody. When you heard " Hello Darlin' " you knew what was to follow. Songs that dealt with real life, real situations and real emotions. They lived those songs. Nowadays they would haul those folks off to rehab somewhere or to counseling to get in touch with their feelings ! Oh, there are a few still around, like Alan Jackson, but the majority of the great ones are gone now. I suppose it is that way with each passing generation, the music fades away. I just never thought I would be that generation. I expected it with POP music. I never thought it would happen in country. Of course back in my parents day it was country and western. They lost western and I feel like I'm losing country. Bro-country ? Sorry I just can't embrace that. Ya'll enjoy that, I'll listen to Merle or Marty. You know George asked, " who's gonna fill their shoes, who's gonna stand that tall ? " I'm waiting for someone to step up to the mic. Well, at least we have You-Tube. And like Hank Jr said, " and it seems like none of us do things quite like we used to do. " Old memories and music are a comfort to the soul. That is just the way it was intended.