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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remaining wary

 I was scrolling down my Facebook page when I saw this posting. It was one of those memes stating that this year, for the first time, Freshmen in high school will be taught about 9/11 as a historical event that happened before they were born ! My immediate reaction was, oh man, now I do feel old. It is hard to think that happened fifteen years ago when it remains so fresh in my mind. I'm certain it is that way for most of us " seniors " today. The younger folks may not remember as vividly or have been impacted as greatly. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard that awful news. My feelings are as strong today as they were then. My fathers generation held those feelings about the Japanese or Germans. I knew a few men that held those feelings about the Koreans. The only difference here is I have no one nation to blame, just a religion. The action was taken in the name of Islam and their extreme views. The thing is, that makes no more sense than previous generations blaming all Japanese, Germans or Koreans for the actions of their ancestors. I do understand it though, I really do understand and it was a hard learned lesson. Forgiveness is a long time coming. Well, to be completely honest about it, I haven't found that forgiveness. I am past the anger stage where I seek retribution, but remain wary. I can not help but view those professing allegiance to the religion of Mohamed with a bit of skepticism. They are to be watched, closely. I have read their " book " and the instructions seem clear enough to me. I won't go into that discussion here, I have written plenty about it in the past.
 The year I was born Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for spying. They were tried and found guilty of passing secrets to the Soviets. I heard about that growing up but in asking I found few people remember that ever happened. I remember the Bay of Pigs incident, although I was still in grade school. (1961) Probably not accurate but it seems to me we began hiding under our desks at school following that. The Soviets might drop a bomb on us at any time. I mean, we executed their spies and then tried to invade Cuba so they weren't too happy about that. Then the Vietnam war came along. Not a war at first, but a police action much like Korea. I remember it all well. I was stationed aboard the USS Puget Sound in 1973 when the news came through. The United States involvement in the war was over. That was followed by several minor incidents and military actions. I was there for Desert Shield / Desert Storm. I sailed into the conflict aboard the USS Nitro AE-23 delivering fuel and ammo. (1990) I retired to Maryland and watched as we returned to the area. I saw the news and shook my head. Then in 2001 that big event took place. I am still reeling from that blow. That is why I say, I understand.
 I also understand the importance of teaching our children about that event. The importance lies not in seeking retribution , but in teaching them how to view it in the correct historical perspective. We were attacked by a group of people that hate America and what we stand for. Those folks claim to be Muslims. What they hoped to gain by those actions I can not fathom. It was an attack just for the sake of hatred and spite. For those of us that knew little to nothing about Muslims or the religion of Islam that is where the blame gets placed. Is it fair ? No, I would say it is not, but it is a reality. That was the only identifier provided. So, like the Japanese, Germans and to a degree the Soviets that is who is responsible ! I still struggle with that and most likely always will. It doesn't help when we hear about The Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam was founded by African-Americans and is not looked upon favorably by other ethnic groups in America. Some even classify it as a " hate group. " By identifying themselves as a " Nation " they lend credence to the thought of labeling all Muslims as a nation. Thus all Muslims are responsible.
 Well I have rambled on a bit about all of this and that is alright. It is just that seeing that fact set my mind to thinking. I like history and the knowing of what came before. I do like the " inside " story more than the version washed for general consumption. Only those that lived through the event can accurately describe it. When others tell it, it is just a story. 9/11 is a story that needs to be told but we must be careful in the telling. It was an act of terror perpetrated by those filled with hate. Their stated reason was it was an act of war dictated by their God. Well, their God told their prophet, who told them to do it. It is all very complicated really, this religion of Islam. I won't try to explain it as I am certainly no expert in that regard. I will say this much, I'll be keeping an eye on them, whenever and wherever I see them. We can all get along with each other but some warrant watching, same as everyone else. Biased ? Yes, I'll admit to that, I am. I remember it well and remain wary.