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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

making the team

 Today begins tryouts for the high school soccer team. My grandson Mark has been preparing himself and will take to the field tonight. Naturally I wish him the best of luck and am confident he will earn a position. He likes to be the " keeper " but will play defense when called upon. He is filled with nerves and that is a good thing. It is good because it is a sign of maturity. He is aware that he must earn that spot and there are no " favorites " here. A lesson in the real world and a test. I am proud that he is up to the challenge. It does take courage to make that declaration, I want to be on the team. You are, putting it out there. It is a calculated risk for sure. I am confident in his ability but perhaps I am a bit biased. He has the desire, no doubt about that, but this is about ability. I have no experience or real knowledge when it comes to the game of soccer and so I am not a good judge of that. Soccer just wasn't my sport. Truth is I never played an organized sport, never felt I could. I just wasn't good enough in my mind. Hindsight is twenty twenty as they say and I regret that decision now. I really should have tried, but it was easier to shrug it off. Athletics and scholarship were not of primary concern in my household, acquiring practical skills that could earn you a living was the emphasis. They say that parents always want more for their children but I don't think that was the case with me. They just wanted me to have the same as them, practical skills and the ability to work.
  Mark is a scholar and athlete. The truth is both of those qualities he acquired on his own. I like to take some credit for it, as does his parents, but I don't believe that is true. All we can do is offer support, he has to do the work. I am pleased to see that he is aware of that and strives to do his best. Yes, like all young men he gets distracted every now and again. He has faltered a few times. I expect that and am not overly concerned. It is not an easy row to hoe, as the saying goes. He is sticking with the plow however, and that is all you can ask. Strange how with your grandchildren you feel more of that angst than you did with your own children. Is it because we feel it may be our last chance ? Hmm, wonder what a shrink would have to say about that ?
 It is all about making the team. To make the team you have to accept the challenge and conquer it. It is a risk you must be willing to take and a commitment you make. The challenge doesn't end with making the team. You are making a promise to the others that you will be there for them. That is what team sport is all about, working together to reach a goal, no pun intended. Mark shows that willingness to commit. He does care about the team and is not overly concerned with personal achievement. Naturally he takes pride in those personal accomplishments but revels in the success of the team just as readily. He doesn't need to be the star. That is the scholar in him. He understands that success does depend upon a team, not an individual. He wants to earn his spot on the team. He is willing to take the test. You have to admire that.