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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

past benefits

 Should we benefit from our heritage ? It is certainly a popular theme these days. The government recognizes this and has charts drawn up to measure the amount of your ethnicity. Numerous studies reveal that identification of ethnicity is fluid and self-perceptions of race and ethnicity change over time and across circumstances for many people. This is especially true among persons with heterogeneous ancestries. That leads me to believe that many are just using their " heritage " as a tool to gain an advantage. Call me a cynic if you will but I'm not buying into that. I do not believe you are entitled to anything more than anyone else based solely on your ethnic identity. We have a lot of identifying going on these days. We even recognize identifying as a different sex ! So, no you can't claim a heritage as it suits and expect preferential treatment.
 Whatever injustices were visited upon ethnic groups of the past, has little bearing on the ethnic groups of the present. I can follow my ancestors back to merry old England and determine I am descended from Kings. That certainly doesn't make me entitled to a crown today. Just how far and how much ethnic blood do you require to claim that heritage ? As the studies have shown, whatever you like, that is why the government has attempted to measure and define that. It is a catch 22 for sure. I can not tell you what your ethnic background is. Interesting that we make judgements based on that due to physical appearance. Oh, but isn't that being discriminatory and prejudicial ? Apparently not if the ones claiming that heritage say it isn't. Elizabeth Warren claims Native American heritage and Donald Trump calls her Pocahontas. What evidence is offered by Elizabeth Warren to support her claim ? Does she need to support that claim at all ? Judging by appearance she isn't a Native American. That is where the whole " identifying " thing gets clouded. Ancestry.com offers DNA testing to prove your ethnicity. It comes complete with a pie chart. Interesting yes, but to what end ? Identity ? I don't think so. In fact their advertising stresses the " surprising " results you may receive. You may not be what you think you are. Does it matter ? No, I don't think it does. It may prove to be beneficial, medically, in the future to know that information. Beyond that, I can't see any benefit.
 To me it is the same thing as claiming to be a relative of someone famous. You know, the name dropping thing. That has certainly been used to advantage throughout history. But because your cousin is a great singer doesn't mean anything as far as your ability, now does it ? Should I be allowed in the choir based on his ability ? Now we want to drop our ethnic background for the same reason.To gain some advantage. The only criteria being which group is enjoying favor at the current time.
 There is currently no benefit in being a German- American, Swedish -American, or of English descent. It doesn't help being a white guy either. The fact that my ancestors were here as early as the 1600's is of no benefit, in fact, I am responsible for killing the Native Americans and stealing their land ! Funny how that works isn't it ?  Yeah, us white folks are bad characters. I could just claim a different ethnic group to identify with, couldn't I ? No, that wouldn't work because of my physical appearance. Another funny thing when taken in context of the conversation. Yup, I'm a pale face and I don't find it offensive. I don't get to claim any benefit from that because we white guys have always had all the advantages, right ? Yeah, keep believing that. As long as folks keep believing that narrative, prejudice will exist. Who is perpetuating that myth ? Anyone that claims their ethnic group is entitled to anything more than any other group ! That is pretty much all of us. Stop it, just stop it.