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Monday, August 8, 2016

Excuse me

 I really do enjoy Facebook. I like the social contact and sharing pictures and stories. I genuinely enjoy hearing about other peoples days and their troubles. Reading about them sometimes lightens my own thoughts when I feel bad. Isn't it strange how that works ? Most of us don't want to admit to it, but somehow that is the truth. Shoot, I don't have it so bad after all. Well, that works well until you wish to wallow around in self pity for a while, something we all entitled to every now and again, then I don't want to hear it, I am not ready for whatever is troubling me to be dismissed !
 Every once in a while I get annoyed with it. Really I get annoyed with myself for having posted something, usually sarcasm. I know that sarcasm just doesn't read well and is hard to convey in writing. So many people take things literally. The annoying part is trying to retract it. I can make jest and offer am apologetic air, and it does no good. Then I may get disgusted and think about just walking away from the whole deal. I mean really, do I need Facebook ? The answer is of course, no. I got by just fine without it and could do so again. I was never much for fad or fashion in the first place. I didn't jump on this computer thing right away, I resisted the change for quite a while. Having tried it I found it fun and useful.
 I have noticed that folks are generally a bit more aggressive in their attitudes when on the computer. I guess being able to hide behind the screen and having the ability to just " block " you entirely emboldens them. I'm thinking it has something to do with perceptions. It seems like the more aggressive we are in our speech, the more we can get folks to agree. The person that only posts kind words and platitudes is not taken as seriously as those that post in more forceful terms. The willingness to ignore the " social " graces is certainly more prevalent. Some of those comments I'm certain wouldn't be said to your face ! I'm just as guilty as everyone else. I use sarcasm ! I often have sarcastic thoughts when talking to folks and have to bite my tongue. That is my reaction to things I strongly disagree with or somehow moves me to anger. I do become argumentative. I try to justify that argumentative attitude under the guise of informing others. Like it is my duty to do so. I wind up tempering my words and being conciliatory because that is my nature.   
 Don't misunderstand me I will argue my point forever as long as the other party remains willing to do so in a civilized fashion. When name calling and a string of foul mouthed expletives enter into the conversation, I'm outta there. Generally speaking I will not sacrifice a friendship, no matter how tenuous, in favor of my political or religious views. Those are the two things I was taught not to discuss in polite company, for that very reason. In todays' social environment I believe we need to include sexual preferences and/or orientation to that adage. And I guess that is what is happening in this social network, we are talking about those things. I already belong to a couple of " splinter " groups. Those are just groups of people with a like interest. Maybe I should form another and call it, " in polite company. " Problem is, it is just rude to block people isn't it ? How would that work in a group that establishes itself of the foundation of polite company ? Rather " snooty " isn't it ?
 The bottom line is it is our own responsibility to censor our comments. We should act in a manner consistent with that old adage we were all taught. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I tend to think sarcasm isn't bad, but it is intended to incite. And so by extension my intentions are not good. Sure that comment may be funny and amusing to me, but incite another to anger. Of course I can just leave this " social " world can't I ? Is that what drives us to act in the fashion that we do ? I could just " dismiss " the whole thing ! The thing is this, I am one that does not like to be dismissed ! Call it being obstinate, but I feel you should, at the very least, listen to me. At least until you agree I am right. And there it is, sarcasm again. I just can't help it. It'll get better after the election and I look forward to that.