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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Being patient

 Life can sometimes be a confusing array of emotions. Every once and a while we do reach a crossroad and must decide. Even when the signpost is clear, we hesitate. I find myself standing in such a spot this morning. Whichever route I take it will alter the path I was previously on. The thing is, I am not ready to choose. There are times when that decision is made in an instant and others when it is made for you, this decision will be neither. It also no big deal. I'm not thinking about any life changing event, just a small shift in direction perhaps. Strange how difficult even the smallest alteration can be. There is an old adage , he who hesitates is lost. Of course, fools rush in where wise men fear to tread is equally applicable. It is a bit of a conundrum. So I sit at this keyboard just rambling on. I have lost sight of the goal, my focus is blurred. I am confused and uncertain. Just what is it that is bothering me ?
 Each action we take is a risk. Life really is a matter of risk and reward. The big decision one has to make is, who is to receive the reward ? Do we do things to reward ourselves or for the benefit of others ? The Christian belief is I should do for others as those I where those others. Isn't that what the golden rule is really all about ? The rub comes in when you realize what is good for them may not be so good for you, at least, at the moment. Patience is required in those situations. You must wait for your reward. But then, I shouldn't do things with an expectation of reward in the first place. That taints the action , doesn't it ? I was told when I was just a little guy, expect nothing and you won't be disappointed. Over the years I have met many folks that appear to be angry and bitter. Is that the result of unfulfilled expectations ? I suppose that would depend upon the patience of the individual. Some become discouraged and admit defeat early on, while others cling to hope. The hope that they will receive their just reward.
 I think there are times when we reach those crossroads and we are weary. That is why we hesitate. I am trying to catch my breath. Could be I am waiting for encouragement or reassurance. We really do stand alone. No matter the number of friends and family that surround you, you are alone in your thoughts. It is our thoughts that spur action. It is true that there are times we just go with whatever we are told and that is not a bad thing. Trusted friends and family are essential ingredients for happiness. We really can't do it alone. There are times when the opposite is true. Are those the selfish times ? Is it selfish to do what pleases you ? Only if it doesn't hurt anyone else is the standard response. What if, however, the harm is caused to you ? Should you sacrifice yourself for the sake of others ? Well, we all know who did just that. By not expecting a reward we are free to act as we see fit. We must trust in our hearts, not in our thoughts. We are given our path, all we need do is follow it. We should do so not with expectations, but with certainty. That certainty is in our hearts and feeds the soul. And so I find myself hesitant. He who hesitates is lost ? No, I think it is necessary at times to reevaluate the situation and act accordingly. I'm not lost, just uncertain at the moment. Patience.