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Sunday, July 31, 2016

strength of belief

I enjoy having little discussions about the things we just don't have answers for. So I guess you could say I enjoy speculation. Funny thing is, I don't necessarily need or seek an answer. I just like the conversation. I have found when there is no right or wrong answer folks generally get along fairly well. Well that does depend upon the people involved, as some folks do believe they have all the answers. I have also found that some folks get their beliefs shaken too easily and begin to feel uncomfortable. My own belief, faith if you will, is not challenged by speculation from others. I also do not feel the necessity to defend my belief to be truth. I think belief, faith if you choose to use that term is and should be an ever evolving thing. We should grow with our faith, not blindly cling to dogma. As we are all well aware the written word is subject to interpretation and the same phrase has many meanings. We should practice the faith we feel in our hearts, not in our books.  I do believe that all mankind feels the same general connection to the spiritual. The golden rule is indeed a universal thing. It is when try to practice what is written that we go astray. Practice instead what is in your heart. Well, enough preaching I will return to the topic at hand.
 I began by saying I enjoy a conversation. One I had with my wife yesterday inspired me to write this little piece. I asked her, do you think you will know it when you die ? It is a question I ask myself. I don't mean will you know it when you are dying, but will you know afterwards. Will I be cognizant of that fact ? I have to conclude that I will. My faith teaches me that I can have eternal life. If I am alive, I can't be dead. Seems logical enough to me. I also believe that all will be revealed to me, in an instant. That " seeing the light " you hear so much about. I will see and understand the why of it all. Understanding will be accompanied by peace. The peace of God. So, yes I think I will know it. I also believe I can effect no changes in the physical world, I can't come back as a ghost or change any physical thing. I think perhaps, my spirit may influence others. Now I'm not certain how that works, something to do with good and evil I suppose, but whether I get to dissipate that energy as I choose is another question altogether. Perhaps that is decided by the choices I make in my physical lifetime. If I do good now will I continue to be a force for good ? Does death offer us an opportunity for redemption ? If it does, why wouldn't everyone accept that ? I mean you now have a full understanding of everything, so why would you deny that ? I can only speculate that it is because you refuse to believe. Many deny truth here on this earth and I would have to assume you would be capable of the same in another life. I see no reason that God would withhold " free choice " in his world, when he offers it to us in this world.
 Well this is offered as a topic of conversation. Each of us may pick and choose as we please. There is no right or wrong answers to these questions. The strength of belief is not measured by how strongly you defend that belief. The strength of belief lies in the acceptance of truth. If your truth requires constant reinforcement, perhaps that belief isn't as strong as you think. Truth should be reexamined periodically. Few things are absolutes. Death is one of them.