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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

respecting tradition

 Remember when men wore long pants and short hair ?  I do, and I can't help but wonder if there is a correlation between that and what we have today. Call me old fashioned, stuck in my ways, or whatever, I just miss those days. Now I see grown men in shorts, sporting man buns ! Well it is all just a little too casual for my taste, just a little bit urban I suppose. Merle Haggard wrote, leather boots are still in style for manly footwear, and I couldn't agree more. It is just they don't go with cargo shorts ! Just my fashion sense I guess. But the reality is it is not the clothes you wear, but the actions you take, that make a difference. It is the lessons you carry in your heart. I learned those lessons from men in long pants and short hair. A different generation, one that has been called the greatest generation. Were they perfect ? Of course not, but they were determined, self sufficient and proud. Yes, I know, pride goeth before the fall but you must be willing to take that fall before progress can be achieved. More importantly, you must be willing to get back up.
 Remember when the ladies wore a house dress and an apron ? I do. Strong women that raised their children and made a house a home. That was there primary concern and they were proud of their accomplishments. They didn't need to be equal with a man, they knew they were better ! Let the men do the manly things, and the ladies do everything else. In every game there is an offense and a defense, so too in marriage. Both must work together to be successful. It is the Yin and Yang thing. It appears to me that a great deal of confusion exists in the locker room today. Well, both are using the same one, but that is another topic altogether ! It was a lot simpler when each wore a uniform. Of course, like I said, it really isn't the clothes you wear. It is the attitude you have entering the game that counts.
 It is not a sexist thing, this defining of roles. I am not saying that women can't be whatever they desire or that men can't be home makers. I am saying the traditional roles appear to work the best. It is just a casual observation on my part, from my perspective. When folks know what is expected of them it is easier. I am a person that likes well defined standards and expectations. Knowing that, I will try not to disappoint those I love. Practicing that with the ones I love it becomes habit, and spreads to those around you. Soon each of us are being treated with respect. That is something that is missing today. Everybody wants it, but few want to earn it. That is beginning to become a trend and not just with respect. Everybody wants everything, but they don't want to work for it ! It should be free.
 Well I am just a guy that likes tradition. I'm old fashioned in that way. It is just my attitude towards life. I'm a man and was born that way. I was raised to be a man. I was taught the " man code " of the day. There is a new code these days, taught by my children and yours. It has ever been so and will continue. I can't help but feel uncomfortable with it. That doesn't mean it is wrong, just that I don't like it. The young ladies are being taught a different lesson as well. The message to them is to be strong and confident in their womanhood. That lesson really hasn't changed over the years just the method used to gain that. It is a new game plan altogether. The whole deal is confusing to me ! The roles aren't so clear, so defined as they were back in the day. Just what is the goal ? It seems the goal now is centered more around yourself than the team. A fundamental difference in strategy. Could be that is what is required to make progress, or could be it is nothing more than a fall. Either way, the important thing is to keep going. We are all in this together. I think the best thing is to work together utilizing the natural skills and abilities given to us. Maybe that is an outdated notion, makes perfect sense to me though.