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Monday, July 25, 2016

feeling relieved

 I have returned from New York with good news. My son did not have a heart attack as was suspected. Blood pressure issues yes, and some chemical imbalances, but nothing that medication and diet can't take care of. It was a relief to hear that, for me, and I'm certain for him as well. It was a bit of a scare. I do hope it scared him to action ! You know, you never stop being a parent and I had to scold him. He knows me well and knows to expect follow up. Oh yeah, I brought you in this world, I can take you out ! You will never be that old. And I enlisted a secret weapon, my granddaughter. I told her to report directly to me should her Dad get a little slack.
 I am fortunate to live in this particular time. It was about a six hour drive to get to the hospital where he was admitted. A tank of gas, a few tolls and there you are. I am fortunate that I have a vehicle and that the roads exists. At least one of those highways I have General Eisenhower to thank. The signs inform the motorist that that highway was a part of the Eisenhower interstate program. Thank you General. Now, Ike, as he was affectionately known, was president when I was born. In June of 1956, when I was almost three , he signed the act giving aid to the states to build highways. It is hard to imagine that before that there were no interstates. Fact is, I'm older than the interstate system ! Like I needed to know that, but I take consolation in knowing I'm not alone. And like I said, thanks to the general I was able to drive there in such a short period of time.
 It is also fortunate that the state of medicine is what it is today. He was transported to a local hospital for immediate care. That hospital didn't have a cardiac unit, so he was transferred to another that did. It was there that it was determined that he had no heart issues. Good to go to the experts isn't it ? I'm thankful for that. Test were performed and the results analyzed. The level of care was outstanding. I did see the cardiac doctor on Sunday. Yes, he was working Saturday and Sunday. After speaking with him on Sunday, my wife and I felt a lot more comfortable and headed home. We arrived early last evening, a little tired but feeling a lot less stress. We are getting a little old for this stuff ! Kids, what are you gonna do ?