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Thursday, July 21, 2016

An American reaction

 Yesterday was my birthday. I was overwhelmed with the number of Happy Birthdays I received on Facebook. By far the most I have ever received and it is a reassurance. I appreciated each and every one. It was also the 47th anniversary of our landing a man on the moon. I remember that event well. Everyone watched with amazement and listened closely as the words were spoken. The static and that beep before and after each exchange is embedded in my mind. I can hear it still, I'm certain anyone that remembers knows exactly what that sound is. It seems like that happened so long ago. Forty seven years isn't really very long. It had only been sixty three years since man first flew at Kitty Hawk. I turned sixty three yesterday !
 When I got up this morning and turned on my computer to check my " social status "  as I habitually do, there was a post that caught my attention. It was a story about the Philadelphia Phillies. They were playing a game on July 20th, 1969 when those astronauts landed on the moon. The game was stopped and the players lined up on the base paths. A prayer was offered. I couldn't help but think, would the same happen today ? I highly doubt that and it brings a touch of sadness to think so. Now, I don't remember that happening, the game being halted I mean, but reading the story did remind me of that America. That was America in 1969. Oh, it wasn't the most peaceful and bliss filled time in the history of our nation, quite the contrary, but we still acknowledged divine providence. It was a generally accepted practice by our citizens that divine providence exists ! There was no big discussion, or concern for that matter, what the name of that God was. We were not adamant that our God had to be politically correct. That idea was seen for what it is, ridiculous. No, the prayer was offered and play resumed. No big show, no big deal, no continuing news coverage of that. It wasn't unexpected or extraordinary, it was a strictly American reaction.  I sure wish America reacted in the same fashion today.
 And that is what I am thinking about as I start this 64th year of life. I have been here for 63 years, the same amount of time from first flight to a landing on the moon. Much has changed over that span. I often think about the past, I am nostalgic. I have seen many advances in technology. But I wonder if there is a trade off ? Are we trading our humanity for technology. We can communicate with each other in an instant, from almost anywhere on the planet, yet we sit in the same room without speaking, staring at our devices. And now, the latest thing, chasing imaginary creatures around. And what is troubling about that ? It is being lauded as a method to get people moving. There was a time when we ran and played games with one another. Now we are chasing what ?  And folks are walking off of cliffs, driving their cars and unaware of their surroundings. But, they are moving is the cry ! An accomplishment ? The various groups throughout the nation wearing ribbons in support of their causes, people marching in protest, it is us and them. I remember when America stood, as a nation and prayed. And then we went about the business of living, of being productive and enjoying our lives. The presence of God, of divine providence was unquestioned back then ! I sure pray America will acknowledge that once again.