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Monday, July 11, 2016


 There are protests throughout the land. Are they justified ? I would have to say, yes. Anytime there is injustice, whether it is perceived or not, we have that right to protest. Protest is free speech. Protest is not permission to instigate violence. Unfortunately that is often the result when emotions are heightened. When that happens it just gives fuel to the fire. I understand, and indeed sympathize with those protesting, but what action are they demanding ? There is nothing that can be legislated in this situation. Regulations, laws, and procedural policies are abundant. Is the action being demanded, inaction ?
 There are those that claim we have a systemic problem with law enforcement. These folks would have us believe that African-Americans and other minorities are being targeted by law enforcement and being killed. All of those minorities are also in the department and actively engaged in these incidents. So, are you trying to say that there are some " secret meetings " were this agenda is planned out ? Are all the " white folk " plotting against the rest of the department ? It just doesn't make sense. It goes without saying, that there are good and bad people. The key thing to remember here is that cops are people too. People whose job is to put up with drunks, punks and thugs ! People who have to risk their lives everyday in an attempt to stem the tide of anarchy.
 Just what are these protests supposed to accomplish ? A raising of awareness ? Okay, I think that has been accomplished. What actions are going to resolve this ? I hear the President of the United States saying things like, " I want all sides " to listen to one another. I hear him say there is evidence and data to back up these claims. So, we have a President that is saying there are two sides, black and white is implied. Shouldn't the President be saying we are one peoples ? We are Americans ? Evidence and Data to back up what claims ? That black men are being killed more often than white people ? We can play the numbers game all day and fit those numbers to any agenda we wish. Black culture promotes this " THUG " image. They do so in their music, their dress and their language. They want to be perceived as " bad ." Well, mission accomplished. And don't start with this all profiling stuff. There are no absolutes, only perceptions. If you create an image don't be surprised when you are judged by that image. 92% of blacks in this country are killed by other black people ! 80 % of white people in this country are killed by other white people. So what is the point there ? People are killing each other. That is the only point in those stats.
 Listen there are far more white cops than black. Why that is, I couldn't speculate. I do know laws were made in an attempt to equal that out somewhat. Affirmative action it was called. Okay, that is a good thing right ? So, that having been done a disparity still exists. How many black cops are shooting white folks ? I don't know you just don't hear much about that. Is that because all black cops are " good " cops ? Or, maybe it is just the way the stats work out. I would have to say the odds are in the favor of you being shot by a white cop, regardless of your color. Could it be that the actions of the person precipitate the event ? What ? If the numbers were reversed I would expect the number of black cops shooting white folks to also reverse.
 Bottom line is, I just don't know what action these protests are demanding ? Are we to allow criminals to just walk away until we have a trial to decide if they should be prosecuted ? Are we not to use force to defend ourselves against threats. It really is a matter of perception. Cultural perception is a real thing, even though we all know it shouldn't be. You can label it prejudice and that is also correct. Prejudice however is the result of cultural perceptions. I will judge you on your appearance and your actions. I can only pray that someone, a lot smarter than me, finds a resolution. Our country is being destroyed from within. I'm not blaming Obama or anyone in particular. I am saying we need to come together as Americans and figure this out. Protest is a good thing, an American thing. The protest is against what ? A perception. How can we change that perception ? How can we change the hearts of men ? That is the only answer that matters.