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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 I didn't win the mega millions and Hillary faces no charges. The first was expected the second was not. I did figure the odds were about the same though. I was left incredulous when after listening to the Chief of the FBI tell a litany of wrongdoing by Hillary, and indeed, the entire State Department, that he finished up with, we recommend not to prosecute ! Say what ? He just stood there and told the American people , we know she lied, we know she was extremely reckless in the way she conducted business, we know she set up servers illegally but we don't think she intended to do anything wrong ! And then he just strolls off, refusing to answer any questions whatsoever. Meanwhile, Hillary is getting a free ride on Air Force One, at taxpayers expense, and grinning like a Cheshire cat ! The fix was in, the deal made, and it is business as usual. Incredulous is the only word that comes to mind. It is followed by anger.
 I never really expected her to be found guilty of anything. I was expecting at least a façade of justice.  What transpired was a blatant disregard for the law. Had it been the Republican candidate for President I'm quite sure the outcome would have been different. The current administration is defending and supporting their candidate at all costs ! That became clearly evident yesterday. I know the director of the FBI is a republican. I also know he is an intelligent man that values his career and his life. Both are in serious jeopardy should this not turn out the way the administration wants. There was just no way, if charges were preferred against her, that she could have continued in her bid for the presidency. That is what that was all about. They had delayed the process as long as possible. The fix was in on the tarmac.
 The saddest part in this debacle is that there are Americans that will still vote for this woman. They will vote because she is a woman and she promises to continue the agenda of Obama. More free stuff for everyone. In their zeal they will ignore the obvious. The woman is dishonest ! That is not an opinion, but a fact. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that ! Think about that, the FBI has determined that the woman is a liar. She and her husband have both been disbarred from practicing law. Fact. She showed a reckless disregard for the security of the United States. Fact, confirmed by the FBI. She should have known. Apparently being ignorant is now excuse enough to negate any offenses. Apparently intent has to be proven now.
 The government is demanding blind obedience to their agenda. That is the big picture here. Blind obedience. The government will tell us all what to eat, what to say, what to believe, and what bathroom to use ! How long will the American people submit to this ? This is the stuff of revolution my friends. Fortunately our founding fathers anticipated such things happening. Oh sure they didn't know about an AK-47 or whatever gun you are scared of today, but they knew about governments. That is why they included Article Five in the U.S. Constitution. One paragraph that guarantees the people still control the government. Article Five is a legal revolution. A revolution were they envisioned there would be no bloodshed. It is time to invoke that clause, to call to arms the American people. When the " Government " admits to finding offenses committed, serious federal offenses, and then chooses to ignore that, it is time. That is tyranny.