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Thursday, July 28, 2016

a bitter lesson

  It is rather disappointing when you realize that public figures are just ordinary people. I mean you always knew it, or least suspected such, but to have it confirmed is a different matter altogether. I believe this is a part of this downward spiral in America that we are all witnessing. In todays world even the suggestion that a public figure is practicing any pretense at all, is cause for being reviled. They are expected to be just like you and I. Strange thing is we hold them to a much higher standard than our own. Oh, but that isn't true is it ? We all think we are so much better than that. Our public figures can not have human frailties, frailties like being unfaithful to their significant others or cheating, just a little, on their income tax. They are not allowed to openly speak their minds unless it is in agreement with the masses and the current political climate. We would never do that would we ? Could be we are all becoming just a bit hypocritical. Oh, but you say, they are a public figure, a civic leader and I trusted them. They should be better than that. Better than yourself ? Is that what you are saying ? Yes, it is disappointing, but they are just people after all.
 The nature of man has changed little over the centuries. What was true 500 years ago in that regard is valid today. It has and always will be a struggle for power and wealth. One of those cannot exist without the other. The only thing that changes is the method employed to achieve that goal. The machinations of man often run contrary to his spiritual nature. The sad reality is your spirituality doesn't put food on the table. And so that is why the quest for wealth and power exists. Man seeks comfort in a harsh world. He will do so and abandon his spirituality altogether if that is what is required. The opposite is equally as true. Man will use his spirituality as a weapon to achieve that same goal. The decision we have to make is, who to embrace. When we embrace our leaders only to find they are the same as ourselves, and then feel disappointed, that should tell us something. The fault lies with whom ? Perhaps it is our standards that need adjusting. We have disappointed ourselves.
 People need something to believe in. Whether it is a God or just an ideal, it is a requirement. With nothing to believe in man become disillusioned. What is the point ? If I can not make the world a better place, a more comfortable place, for my heirs just what is the point ? Apathy is the result. Anger stems from apathy, a railing against the system. Accusations fly and the bare underbelly of man is exposed. Resentment and jealousy rise to the surface. The people become divided. That is the result of disappointment and lack of belief.
 How can we believe if all we hear is negative. All of our public figures are scrutinized in the most public of fashion. There is no pretense of civility. The gloves are off. Our religious leaders are being questioned and indeed attacked. Our highest political offices have been mocked and made jest of. Their public and private lives exposed. All we hear are promises. The problem being we have no reason to believe. That is what America needs right now, a reason to believe. I am no different than most in that I find very little to place my belief, my trust, in. I maintain faith in my God, but he ain't running the country. Our motto is " In God we Trust " and even that is coming under fire. My concern is for the future generations. What will they have to believe in ? As a general rule people tend to believe what is being taught. What are we teaching our children ?