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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

democracy disgraced

I'm thinking this election cycle has done more damage to the credibility of our election process than any campaign of the past. Regardless of which candidate you may or may support there is little to view as favorable. The Republicans starting out with sixteen candidates and wind up offering Donald Trump. The Dems had Bernie and Hillary. Hillary wins the nomination under very questionable circumstances. Wiki leaks and accusations of the Russians helping Trump. The whole thing is a mess. One can not help but think Hillary becoming president is a forgone conclusion. It seems like that is the agenda here. The number of scandals is unprecedented. It is getting difficult, if not impossible, to separate truth from fiction.
 The only good thing I can think of is that more people are aware of the entire process and how it actually works. Too many believe it is just a matter of counting the popular vote. Oh, if it were only that simple and straightforward. This election cycle has certainly raised the awareness of the importance of our representatives role in the overall process. It is our representatives that make our wishes known, and in theory anyway, fulfill those wishes. Just voting for your candidate isn't enough. Just voting for your party isn't enough. You must be involved and aware. It is the lack of that, that has led us to where we are today. When you allow the career politicians to drive the bus don't expect it to stop at your door !
 It is indeed unfortunate that this campaign has turned into such a disgrace to democracy. I just can't explain it any other way. All the candidates , indeed all the players in this debacle, have shed any semblance of integrity or honor. It is a winner take all fight to the finish. There is no shame or even a pretense of that. The attacks upon each other are foul and nasty. Race, gender, and religion are all fair game in this. The backroom deals are no longer conducted in the back room. No, they are done in broad daylight, as if that lends credence to their legality. The rule of law is being thrown under the bus. The only thing left to decide is, who is the least undesirable !
 The thing is this, one has to decide upon a candidate. This time we are deciding upon a President. Let us not forget that is also a vice President and an entire cabinet. Look to the cabinet and the congress. They are the ones that will ultimately decides the future course of America. The President is the " leader " but it takes a team to get anything done. Look past the leader and examine the team or potential team. Do not forget the next President will nominate a supreme court justice, a lifetime appointment ! Keep in mind the president only gets to nominate that justice and that justice must be approved by the Senate. Your senator represents you in that decision. It is my hope that the American people see this election as a wake up call.
 The fact is, I see this campaign as a disgrace to democracy. The world used to look to us for leadership and guidance. Now I'm not so certain. We appear weak and undecided. Our economy is failing. And when the economy fails, so does Democracy ! History proves that. It is commerce that drives freedom, make no mistake about that.  A sad commentary about mankind in general, but,  I believe a valid one. In the end it is all about the money and who gets it. Think about that. Government should not shackle your ability to provide for your family ! Conversely you should not rely upon government to provide for your family either. That is the cornerstone of freedom, bottom line. Dependent or Independent, the choice is yours to make. Remember that the choice you make today will decide the future for your children, grandchildren and their heirs. Shall it remain America, the land of the free, or shall it be, America, the land of the dependent ?