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Sunday, May 1, 2016

good order and discipline

 I'll tell you what is needed here, good order and discipline ! That's right, that's what is lacking today. Everybody running around with their own ideas and doing their own thing. Well you can see the results.  The country is in a mess. We need to whip ourselves back into a cohesive unit, a UNITED states.  And there ain't no one politician gonna do it either. Forget about Trump, Hillary and all the rest making promises. Yeah, I'll make you promises too for that job. Four years and retired, set for life. Nothing gets done but promises fulfilled to those that got you there and a token bill or two.
 Good order and discipline must begin with ourselves.  Quit the whining and crying about things not being fair. Quit looking to government to solve your problems. And for Gods' sake, take control of your children. There are standards ! Standards in life, standards in conduct and standards in society. Fall in line and stand up straight ! Begin by realizing the world doesn't revolve around you. The world will keep right on turning whether you're here or not. In the end you will be ground into dust. Then begin to act right ! You ain't all that, get used to it. You can grow your hair anyway you want, get as many tattoos as you want and ride a motorcycle. You can dress in a three piece suit, get hundred dollar haircuts and ride in a limo. Thing is, you are both the same ! No difference between you at all, same rules apply. Outward appearances don't change the insides. That is the beginning of discipline. Discipline  grows with that understanding. Establish discipline and order follows. In life and in the country. Those that fail to fall in line will be left behind.
 Nobody wants to hear that message anymore and that is the problem. It is all about feelings ! Well never mind about your feelings do what needs to be done. Everybody wanting to be independent. I'm a individual. Yes you are, but you are also a part of the whole. When you become a liability to the whole I will discard you ! Was a time in this country when Americans stood up for America. And America was a dream. Now America is a cash cow being milked by those that are too undisciplined and disordered to run their own lives. They are sucking her dry. No longer is America viewed as an opportunity, it's a sure thing. Cry a little about being discriminated against and she will bend to your will. I see that happening every day. Well let me tell you, discrimination is nothing more than making a choice. We need that ! When you allow people to just go about doing whatever they feel like, " indiscriminately " you wind up with what we got now. A mess. Hell, we can't decide what bathroom to use anymore. You might hurt someone's feelings ! I'll tell you this much, being in the 5% doesn't make you special, it makes you a deviant. But all of this isn't about bathrooms. It is about America and the American dream. A Republic was formed, a fact lost to many including our politicians, and in a Republic the people rule. If the people can't rule their own lives just how can they rule a country ? That was a problem out forefathers didn't anticipate. They didn't write that in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.  Guess they figured folks had enough sense to know that on their own.
 Well enough ranting and raving for a Sunday morning. A day that was reserved for the Lord but has now been traded for commerce and entertainment. No discipline. No order. A day that was designed for family. Discipline is a method to train people in correct behaviors. Yes punishment is handed out for non compliance. Works that way in life and I submit to you, equally in death.  Yes that is what is lacking here, good order and discipline.