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Saturday, May 14, 2016


 I saw where Zimmerman wants to sell the pistol he used to shoot Trayvon Martin. Several auction sites refused to do it and I applaud them for that. I understand their position perfectly. Now Mr. Zimmerman says he is a free American and has the right to dispose of his property as he sees fit. That is also true. He is hoping that this weapon has historical value. I disagree. In ten years or so the whole incident will be nothing more than a footnote in history. The tragic loss of life, whether or not you agree with the courts determination of the facts, will be forgotten. It is a sad state of affairs. It speaks strongly to the character of this man that he would attempt to profit such a thing. I'm as equally certain there is someone out there that wants to own that pistol. Historical significance ? I think not.
 To the family of Travon Martin this is no footnote in history. I can't imagine how they must feel. In their eyes he got away with murder and now wants to profit from that. The court did find him innocent and that is the law. As I said, Mr. Zimmerman trying to profit from that is outrageous. The truth is it is his right. I don't like it and don't agree with it at all. That is not the issue here though. He does have a legal right to dispose of his personal property. That the property was used to end a life or defend against losing it, depending upon your view, is not addressed in that law. There are other infamous weapons on display in this country. There are entire museums devoted to the rather macabre fascination with this stuff. Bonnie and Clyde's weapons can be viewed. The pistol Jack Ruby used to kill Oswald. Are they historically significant ? Yes and only to those that the events did not directly affect. Some where sold for profit, but not by the one who used it. That is the difference here.
 The question is how long does it take to become a piece of history ? In this case it has been about four years since that event took place. I would say the wound is still fully exposed. It is only the result of such extensive media coverage that the incident became a national discussion. These things have happened before and are mostly forgotten and unknown except to those directly involved. The weapon was recently returned to Mr. Zimmerman. It was done because he is entitled to it. Sticks in my craw that it is so but I understand. Has the media created the interest in that weapon ? One would have to say so. If not for that would anyone care ? I highly doubt that. Pistols are used every day in America to kill someone. It happens all too frequently. Are each of those pistols significant ? To the families of those shot they would be. What historical significance would any of those have ? Little to none. I would in no way diminish the value of the life of Travon Martin. I would question the historical significance of the case. No precedents were set there, just the interpretation of the existing law. I can't see where this incident changed a thing. Sad but true.
 I will say I find it unfathomable that Zimmerman would be so public about trying to profit from this. It calls his character into serious question. That someone would try to benefit from it doesn't really surprise me, I guess I have become somewhat jaded over the years. It is just another one of those things that make me scratch my head and wonder. Have we become so apathetic ? Just how did that happen ?  In a way my faith in humanity was reaffirmed by those refusing to auction that pistol. I applaud them. There is a silver lining after all.