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Monday, May 2, 2016

Remembering breakfast

 I read an interesting little article yesterday that got me to thinking, or should I say remembering ? It was just one of those  little Facebook things that pop up. The author was talking about the six things we miss at breakfast that used to be common. Number one on the list was fresh squeezed juice, either orange or grapefruit. Now I can remember having fresh squeezed orange juice, it was quite the treat. Living in the north oranges weren't always available year round and were a bit pricey. That has changed over the years with refrigerated trucks and all. Well, now you can just buy the juice from concentrate or an imitation thereof. I had thought about that a while back and went on e-bay to buy an orange juicer. The old glass type that you just twisted that orange on to extract the juice. Got it around here somewhere. I also remember catching the milk man and buying some orange juice from him. I don't think you could buy it at the grocery store back then. Maybe in a can though. But the article went on to talk about a sugar bowl. Every breakfast table had one, mine did.
 The author remembered coffee from a percolator. He was talking about the one on the stove but I still use an electric one. The coffee does smell and taste much better than any Keurig thing ever will. Sure you have to wait a little while and then let the pot rest a minute or two before pouring but it's worth it. And coffee was served in cups, with a saucer. Now we all use mugs. I do and for a simple reason. Well two reason really, first a mug holds more. I think that is the case anyway, in general I would say a mug holds more than a cup. The second reason is, portability. Easy to take a mug of coffee and sit in front of the television set. That's something we didn't do at breakfast, watch television. And that brings me to my thought for today. These things have changed for speed and convenience. No time to sit at the breakfast table. As far as I remember we always had an automatic toaster but Grandma didn't. She had an electric one but you had to turn the toast over yourself. I loved doing that, it was like preparing a meal. To a small kid it was anyway. There is an old saying, stop and smell the roses that I would say applies here. Stop and smell the coffee is just as applicable. You hear about spending time at the dinner table being so important. I think time at the breakfast table is just as important. It seems that we are so busy being " social " that we don't associate with each other. Too busy checking social media or the television  to sit at the table anymore. Our food and our lives are just too fast. So are our cars, but that is another topic. We should all just slow down and learn to appreciate things for what they are. Nothing like fresh squeezed juice in the morning and warm toast that you toasted to perfection. The author also mentioned something I have never had, spam pancakes. Apparently it was a popular item at one time. Fry spam and then cover it with pancake batter and fry again. I've had spam, as a breakfast meat, but not combined with pancakes.
 I write about this all the while typing on this keyboard, sipping coffee from a mug as my wife does the same. Hypocrites ? No, just living in the modern world. I do remember being called for breakfast and having to sit there and eat. I wanted to just grab a piece of toast and get started. I would hear that old adage, breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! Yeah, yeah, can I just have some toast ? Now we are all in too much of a hurry or find sitting at the table inconvenient. Places to go, things to do. Routines change with the times. Given enough time it will return. I'm thinking about buying a sugar bowl. Could go on the shelf next to my juicer and sprinkle bottle. You just never know when they could come in handy.