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Sunday, May 29, 2016

making changes

 I recently bought a new pair of glasses and changed the style of the frames. As a rule I generally wear the same style for a long time. I had aviator frames for many years and then switched to a more rectangular shape. It is the later that the grandkids remember the most I am sure. But Grandpa felt like a change and I went round. Well almost round but really a oval. The grandkids laughed out loud and couldn't believe it. I guess they thought I was just joking with them or something. They have become used to them I guess as I don't hear many comments anymore. Now, the other day I was out shopping with the wife and saw a hat. I like hats and wear one all the time. It has been the traditional ball cap for me for many years, although I am always looking for a good hat. So, I see this hat, more properly a cap, and decide to buy that. It is what they call a newsboy cap. Well, the kids freak out again. My granddaughter says, you look like a poet or an artist that doesn't know what he is doing ! I'm not certain what that is supposed to mean, but I just laughed about it. I rather like my new cap. I guess my " look " has changed.
 This got me to thinking and I asked the grandkids this; why can young people wear the latest style, no matter how ridiculous, and they are cool or hip or whatever they call it now, but Grandpa can't  ? The answer was because you are old. What they were saying is, I have established myself in their eyes. I am Grandpa and I look a certain way. I'm still wearing the jeans and tee shirt most of the time, except special occasions of course, but these new glasses and cap are throwing them off. It is a kind of " clothes make the man " effect. I am bucking the status quo. Yeah, I'm a rebel alright, guess the cat is outta the bag. Now the grandchildren see the real me.
 I can understand their reasoning though. For most of their lives I have worn pretty much the same things. They have seen pictures of me when I was younger, much younger, and got a chuckle or two out of them. I admit I get a laugh as well with some of the style choices I made. I do not wear the shorts, cargo pants, or camo that is so popular today. Many parents ( kids to me ) wear that stuff, along with sandals or work boots with shorts ( ? ) and that is what they see. It is only us old people that still wear the long pants and our ball caps are worn with the brim facing forward. We don't wear sunglasses much either, unless we are actually in the sun. Yes, I am established in their eyes. They believe they know what to expect from me. It came as a surprise that I might make a different choice. Funny thing is, others view these choices I have made with suspicion as well. They wonder, some openly, what is up with him ? I'll admit it all makes me question myself ! But why shouldn't I change my glasses and cap if I want too ? There is no rule that says I have to remain with the same fashion choices as 1980. Hey, people grow you know. I'm still trying to find myself.  I had a beard for a number of years too, but shaved that off. Those scraggly beards were made popular by the Duck Dynasty boys, maybe that is what I'll do. No long hair for me though.
 I will say there are some style choices that are best left to the younger folks. I see some men and ladies that need someone to inform them of that reality. Perhaps they have no one who cares enough to tell them. I'm not necessarily talking about the " sexy " clothing. No, I just mean the overall look. If you are seventy five  don't wear the clothes and makeup of a sixteen year old, it just doesn't work. Men are no different. Old man legs shouldn't be seen, or old man chests for that matter. In my opinion I'd just look dumb in a pair of cargo shorts and crocs ! Are you kiddin' me ? But. to each their own I suppose. My latest choices have created a little bit of a stir. I'm rocking the boat baby ! The last time I did this I took up wearing suspenders. That didn't last. I think they are reserved for very old men and lumberjacks. They began as a utilitarian accessory to hold up your pants and to prevent plumbers butt. They moved into the fashionable and were replaced by a belt.  One should never wear both at the same time. I'm back to the belt, probably for good. We'll have to see , no pun intended, about the glasses. As for the cap, I'm liking it and maybe I'll be inspired in my poetry. Or maybe I'll take up art. The granddaughter seems to think that is what that cap represents. Could be something to that. Clothes make the man.