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Sunday, May 15, 2016

On the stage

 You know Shakespeare said, All the worlds' a stage. It is an apt analogy. The thing that he didn't say is that we set that stage by our own actions. If you find yourself constantly surrounded by drama its' probably because of that. You set the stage. I watch other people in their plays and just can't help but be entertained. Mom says you shouldn't laugh at others or judge but I can't help it. I feel as long as I don't do it to their face, it's good. I see others embroiled in drama and they seem confused or clueless as to why. I'm talking about those that you have a casual acquaintance with. They tell you their issues, always someone else doing them wrong, and just can't grasp the whole picture. And it is not that they lack empathy, they just can't seem to figure it out. Folks aren't " acting " out in opposition to them, they are reacting to them. It is their actions that precipitate events. I call those folks the flounderers. I know it is not a real word but it describes them best to them. They just flounder around, trying to find there way. They usually cause a big flap wherever they go. The just don't see that that they bring that with them, believing it discovers them.
 I think of myself more as a traveler. I'm just passing through. On this stage I don't play a leading role , nor do I wish to. Some would tell you that means a lack of ambition. I, of course, would disagree. I prefer to think of it as a learning experience. The knowledge I gain here will benefit me later one. I'm just a bit player. I'm no different from anyone else, I try to set my stage to my own liking. I don't arrange it for an advantage, something the flounderers attempt to do, but arrange it for convenience. I like things to go smoothly. Sometimes you have to make concessions in order to achieve that. That is why I try to avoid drama, it is never convenient. It is downright unsettling ! I appreciate the sublime elements in life. Sentiment, nostalgia and morality fall into that category.  Often misunderstood or misinterpreted by the floundereers.
 It is something we should all consider, our role in life. Each of us do play a part. Yes, some are cast into roles they would just rather not have. Circumstance, fate, or necessity ? That is a question one has to think about. The necessity is to survive. It is the manner in which we choose to do that, that defines our roles. You can rise from any circumstance to achieve your goals. As to fate, there is little that can be done. Do you believe in fate ? That really is an ambiguous question. You could say you create your own fate or that you become what fate allows. Can you influence fate ? I personally don't think you can, although you can influence circumstance. This is accomplished by defining your character. You do that every time you meet someone on this stage. How does that character interact with the other players ? Will it make a difference to fate ? Yes, I think it will. That appears to be inconsistent with my earlier statement that you can't influence fate. I think our character controls our fate. By controlling the character , we can change the fate assigned to that character. Just as an actor on a stage may play his character to perfection and then receive a reward for that, so can we. It is the choices we make that control the character. Keep in mind that the supporting roles are just as important as the lead. In fact, without the supporting roles the lead serves no purpose. It is the supporting players that give credence to the lead.
 Now take these flounderers. They like to draw attention to themselves. They have found the easiest method is to just stir things up. Once the waters have been clouded they complain they can't see. They question why the attention has become focused on them and that the attention is negative. These folks appear on the stage for just a brief moment  and exit. Oh, they may enter and exit often depending upon circumstance but are seldom welcomed. They will not be remembered for their actions but for the reactions they inspired. They are not the solution but the cause. As I said earlier, I'm just a traveler. I'm passing through. I hope to provide some answers and some solutions. That is my role. I'm looking for something, I just don't know what that something is. That is another topic for another day however. Whatever I'm looking for is for myself. Could be that something isn't on this stage. Sounds rather mystical doesn't it ? I try to remember that character defines fate. I do want to make it to a higher stage someday, it is just that I'm not in a hurry. A lack of ambition ? No, to achieve ones goals, one has to have patience. You have to accomplish the mundane before you can achieve the extraordinary.