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Saturday, May 7, 2016

defining a constitution

 There is an old saying, you can't please everyone. The reason for that is a simple one to understand, everyone has feelings. Additionally everyone's feelings are usually different ! And that brings me to todays' thought. If we were to quit worrying so much about hurting someone's feelings we might actually get something constructive accomplished in this country. But no, we have to be concerned about offending someone. When I was a child my Mother told me to consider other people's feelings. Yes, be considerate but that didn't mean change your feelings to suit theirs. If , after careful consideration, you determined they are wrong, that's all there is to it. Take this whole bathroom issue for instance, less than .3 percent of the population identify themselves as transgender. I've considered that and they are wrong. I don't care if it hurts their feelings, they can just use the bathroom according to their plumbing ! It is not my intention to hurt their feelings or single them out for discrimination. The thing there is, they choose that themselves. Oh, they say they are born that way or whatever, all the while telling you how it is a lifestyle choice. Well that pretty much says it for me, a choice. If you choose to be different, choose also to live with that.
 The really troubling part in all of this is what lesson is being taught to our children. I was taught to stand up for myself, on my own merits. If I got an " A " on a paper in school I deserved that A and could take pride in it. Now, every child must get that " A " so as not to hurt their feelings. Participation trophies ! You get those for just showing up. Well, in life you aren't going to get anything for just showing up. If we continue to coddle these children with all this touchy feely crap how will anything get done ? You can't run your life or a country on feelings. There are times when you have to get your feelings hurt in order to make progress. Call it motivation, shaming or whatever you wish but it is necessary. I know I heard it more than once growing up, " you should be ashamed of yourself ! " The reason was always the same , because you knew better. You acted upon feelings, not logic or good common sense. You were ashamed for being so stupid. Yeah, hurt my feelings. Tough ain't it ?
 What I see now are groups using these " feelings " to their advantage. It is obvious if you pay attention to what is being said. Illegal immigrants are now undocumented citizens. Those that commit crimes and serve time for that crime are now to be called " justice involved " instead of criminals and felons. The " LGBT " community demanding what ? If they want to call themselves a community that's fine, just stay in your community and I'll stay in mine, no one will get their feelings hurt. Scroll down your Facebook wall. Repost if you hate cancer, love puppies, have a sister or brother you love and on and on. Feelings people, let us display our feelings to show everyone else how sensitive we are. That is our accomplishment for today, I'm empathetic. Being empathetic doesn't mean you have to agree or support every cause that comes along. Like Mom said, be considerate. That means have an open mind and consider what others have to say.  Doesn't mean I have to agree.
 Each of us have to make decisions every day. There are right actions and wrong actions. There are actions we do to benefit ourselves and actions that benefit others. Whatever action we choose to take is a choice. A choice that should be considered. Some things are no brainers. Don't cross the street without looking both ways first. Simple enough to understand. Other choices are not so clear. That is when we should consider the alternatives and the consequences of those alternatives. There are always consequences. Sometimes the correct choice is not the comfortable one. Those choices may chafe. They may even hurt your feelings. The bottom line is, you must have a place to stand. You cannot keep changing your ground and have a firm foundation. Decisions should be based in a firm foundation not upon whatever feelings I am having today. You can't build a life or a nation on feelings. That is why we established a Constitution. What is a constitution ? It is, a body of fundamental principals or established precedents according to which a state or government is acknowledged to be governed. Every individual has a constitution as well, or at least we should have. We often hear that this person has a strong constitution and it usually refers to their physical health. I say it should also apply to their mental acuity. That is their ability to make considered decisions. Yes feelings should be included in making those decisions, but not the sole deciding factor. 
 I will kneel before my God but not before opposition to my beliefs. That isn't to say I will not consider your opinions or your beliefs. I may or may not change my opinion to accommodate your feelings. That would certainly depend upon the strength of my convictions. Never enter a negotiation with the feeling that you are owed anything is my advice. That places you in a position of weakness. Form your own constitution and adhere to it. Do not allow others to define that constitution.