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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just because I can

 Occasionally I receive these offers in the mail. Sometimes I am amused and sometimes annoyed by them. This week alone I got two of them. First I got a offer from capital one. Emblazoned on the front of the envelope it says, " you're pre-approved for this offer. " Total annual fee $0. Peeking out of the return address window it says, reservation # enclosed. It even says it was prepared for me. Now don't I feel special. I can't help but chuckle though. I have been pre-approved to apply for their credit card ! I have read the literature in the past and so didn't even bother to open this one. I already know what it says. I have been pre-approved for this offer, this offer to apply for credit, not pre-approved to receive the credit, just apply for it. I'm pleased I received their permission to do so. Ever since I've watched their commercials with the barbarians asking, " what's in your wallet " I have been concerned about that. I'm relieved to find out I can apply. Perhaps that makes me immune from invasion., let's hope so.
 The other piece of literature I got was no more than a postcard. This one however annoyed me to no end. In fact, I get more than a little upset by these types. On the face of it says, " important Medicare/Medicaid information" for recipient only. It is in bold face type and marked urgent, return service requested. Time sensitive material. On the rear it goes on to say I may be eligible for a medical knee or back brace, at no cost to me. Well, who said I needed one of those in the first place ? This literature goes on to imply that I should apply for one regardless of need, to protect my rights ! What it really is, is some company preying off the government programs and senior citizens to make a profit. Infuriating ! Wonder why health care costs so much, wonder why insurance companies charge so much, well there is one of the reasons for that. The application for and receiving of " benefits " that you really don't need. This company is making a living by using various government funded programs. Playing the system ! Really makes me mad. This one is for medical braces but can the one for Jazzy scooters be far behind ? Feeding the entitled mentality is the goal, and lining their pockets with the profits. This is especially effective when you can make your " customer " dependent. Once people start using these devices on a daily basis, as a medical necessity rather than a temporary aid in healing, you have a loyal customer. And that is what they say, a medical necessity and you are entitled to one, at no cost to you ! So, just who is paying ? The government ? And where does the government get their money ? From you !!!! Makes me angry. And then they advertise that they are providing a service.
 I get these offers all the time in my e-mail as well. I expect that as I " allow " certain apps to use my information. It is the price of playing some of those games on Facebook. I don't really mind so much and just delete them daily. The majority of them are just hawking some product or another . I understand that and don't blame them one bit. It is only the ones that attempt to prey upon the seniors ( me ? ) and use government programs to do so. Yes, I'm a veteran and receive notices of all I am entitled too. I read the lines, you earned it, and you deserve this and am disgusted. You know nothing of what I may or may not have done. Do not imply you have done a study of my Naval career and I'm a big hero that deserves the undying financial support of the entire nation. I receive the benefits I am entitled to and have no complaints. Do not try to entice me to abuse the system. I'm not offended, I'm insulted ! Call  me " old school " or whatever but I will not apply for things I do not need just because I can. In short, that has become a big problem in this country. Just because I can doesn't mean I should ! Oh, and I don't need your permission to do so should I decide to so.