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Thursday, May 19, 2016

No place like home

 I have returned from my vacation. The weather didn't cooperate for the final day so we cut it short and headed home. It's alright though, we had a wonderful time. Not having written a blog in a few days I will once again have to get back into it. Funny how habits can be developed and lost. I believe a lot depends upon your environment in such things. It is closely related to the company you keep as well. That is something our parents tried to tell us back when we knew it all and it has taken years for us to dumb ourselves down to the point where we understand that. At home my habit is too sit at this computer, drink my morning coffee and write. The company I keep hasn't changed much in a long time and that is a good thing. Stability in your relationship makes for smooth sailing. The only thing that changed on vacation was the surroundings. We did stay at some pretty nice digs. They did include free Wi-Fi and I had the laptop along but I don't like to type on the laptop. I find the keys a bit too touchy for my style. I'm quite the sloppy typer and strange things happen on that laptop when keys are struck incorrectly. Bottom line is I find it annoying.
 We did the tourist thing at Williamsburg Va. I find meeting other tourists quite pleasant. Funny how folks on vacation are so amicable. The majority of the time everyone seems to be on their best behavior. The only exception being when things aren't going the way they expect, but I suppose that is human nature. This was actually our second trip to Williamsburg and the Jamestown settlement. We had gone before with the family. This time it was just us old folks so things went at a slower pace. Very nice. The first day the weather was perfect. We just strolled through the city stopping to enjoy whatever caught our eye. We took a carriage ride. I loved the feeling of not being rushed. You know when you are with children, especially younger ones, they tend to be excited. They want to rush ahead to see the next attraction before noticing the details. I have found the real fascination is in the details. Quality before quantity is the hallmark of maturity. At least that is what I say now ! Wasn't always so. The second day was rain. Undaunted we headed out for the Jamestown settlement. It was a fairly light rain and the temperature was warm enough. We enjoyed the indoor exhibits, no photography allowed there, and the rain let up just a bit. We headed for the Indian village. We did have umbrellas with us and so it wasn't too bad. The " natives " were still about but staying inside their homes. It is amazing how snug and secure those " homes " could be. You could smell the smoke from the fires used to heat the place. No fires were burning but that smell lingered. I'm certain you become used to that and don't even notice after a while. I learned how to make some rope from the local fauna and then we headed for the fort. I felt bad for one of the " actors " who had to stand in the rain acting as guard to the fort. What a way to make a living. The rain grew a bit stronger but we preserved and headed down to the ships. There are three and I had only remembered two. I, of course, had to board them but the wife stayed ashore. It is not an easy thing to walk about on those ships. They are quite small and crowded. The " ladders " are steep and narrow. No problem for an old salt like myself but difficult for landlubbers. All in all a very nice day all things considered.
 We decided to return home the next day as the rain had intensified overnight and was expected to continue. We were planning to go to the " island " where the first settlers landed. There is an archeological dig going on there. I understand there is also a museum of the artifacts they have uncovered so far. I expect anyplace where they are digging would be quite muddy in the rain ! The truth is it is only about a four hour drive from my home to get there. I figure we will make that a day trip later on this year. So we took a leisurely ride back home, pausing to eat at Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite places. We reserve that luxury for special occasions. Not that Cracker Barrel is expensive or anything but if you go too often the magic is lost. Then it is not special, just ho hum. That's no fun.
 So here I am back in the real world. It isn't a bad place to be, contrary to any implications otherwise. I've got plenty of things planned for the next few weeks to keep me busy. I did welcome my own bed. As Dorothy said, there's no place like home.