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Sunday, May 8, 2016

a fatal concession

 Life is a series of concessions ? Man is born with an inherent knowledge of what is right and wrong. That was eloquently stated by Monroe when he wrote that man was created with certain unalienable rights, among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can all agree we are entitled to that. We are also born into a society. Society establishes accepted behaviors and responses. Call them laws, creed or custom. They may or may not interfere with our personal law, creed or customs. In order to live peacefully within that society we have to make concessions. A concession is made in order to receive something in return. Do we concede to the benefit of the society or for our own benefit ?
  It has extended to the taking of life. That has become a " choice " at the concession stand. That happened in our society in 1973 and has been in contention ever since. The woman's' "right " to choose, to make that concession was affirmed by the supreme court. A life in exchange for release from responsibility. The decision was 7-2 in favor of that right. That right was granted by the society contrary to what we inherently know to be wrong. Instead, we provide justification for that by citing documents written by the ones the initially asserted the right to life ! They wrote this but meant that. A convenient concession. What concession shall we make next ? We have conceded that life is not a right if a woman chooses otherwise.
 I had a rather long conversation regarding this last evening online. I should know better than to enter into such things but feel a compulsion to do so. I can not concede to this premise that it is a right of anyone to determine the fate of the unborn. I will say that I feel you can forfeit your right to life by your own actions. Yes, I support the death sentence and it is not incompatible with my thinking on abortion. The unborn are innocent. They did not appear unwanted or unplanned by their own volition. The responsibility does not lie with them.