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Friday, May 13, 2016

Scattered thoughts

 I decided to give being retired a try. The first thing I did was go to New York and visit my son and his family. He has a daughter, Shyann, and I don't get to see her often. She is sprouting up,  no doubt about that. The weather was a bit cooler. All is well there and that is a comfort. It is encouraging to see you children happy in their relationships and content. My granddaughter has her friends and is well adjusted. You just couldn't ask for more.
 When I returned home and turned on my desktop computer it failed to start I have no idea what may have happened to it and grew disgusted. Trying everything I know, which isn't much, I failed to get it going. So off to Best Buy I go and purchase another tower. It is a new one but pretty much your basic deal. I'm hoping it will continue to work for a long time. I've been busy loading my files and folders on it. That can be a frustrating experience. But, hey, I'm retired so I've got the time.
 I'll be leaving again Sunday for another vacation. I'm guessing that is what you do when you retire, go on vacations. That seems a little strange or is it ironic ? Either way, I'll be going to Williamsburg Virginia for a few days. My wife and I received this little vacation package as a Christmas gift. We will be staying at a time share. This place has an indoor salt water pool, something I have never seen before. Sure I'm been in salt water many times but never in a pool.  Their outdoor pool is fresh water but I expect it will be a bit chilly for that ! Other than that we don't have any plans. I'm sure we will visit colonial Williamsburg and maybe find some other attraction to entertain ourselves.
 I have noticed that traveling and being on vacation is a distraction. I have lost track of what is going on in the world. It also interferes with my " deep " thinking. I like it. I do feel a lot less stressed out about the world. This " sticking my head in the sand " could easily become a habit. Not really though, I also feel a little left out of the discussion. If there is one thing I do like it is being a part of the discussion !
 While driving to New York I noticed an older couple tending to one of those " roadside " memorials. I couldn't help but wonder if they had lost a son or daughter in an automobile accident. The cross was fastened to a tree and a spray of flowers lay underneath. In that brief moment I saw their pain. I saw quite a few more on my trip. I guess it provides some measure of comfort to some. I wouldn't want to do that and wouldn't want anyone to mark that spot should I be the victim. Please, do not mark the spot of my death, rather remember me where I lived. To me, riding past those memorials is akin to stepping on someone's grave,  a chill goes up my spine. I know it isn't my grave but that could be the spot ! I think this new " custom " is a reflection of society today. Grief and grieving used to be a private thing for the most part, but now is a public display. That way with a number of things nowadays. I'm not certain that is a good thing. Carrying your burdens alone can strengthen your countenance. Well , those of faith never carry their burdens alone and maybe that explains some things as well. The trend now being rely upon " therapists " and public displays. But that is another subject altogether. Oh, and please don't put me on a bumper sticker either, in memoriam.
 I haven't written a blog in three days and I noticed. I found it a little difficult to start writing this morning. What I have written is a bit scattered. Well, no matter it is not a book. I'm glad I don't get graded on these essays. That would be too much pressure. One would think that being retired gives you more time to be observational but so far that hasn't been the case for me. I've been too busy. I have a lot of things that have been on the back burner for years now. Time to get going. Is that why it is called retired ? You get tired all over again. Re-Tired get it ? Hey, I'm not a comedy writer.