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Friday, May 20, 2016


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. That is what is commonly called the Serenity prayer. I believe almost everyone in the civilized world has heard it. The words are sound advice. I have had to say that prayer to myself on numerous occasions, more so recently than at any other time I can remember. It just seems like there are many that can't tell the difference anymore. So many believing that everything can be, or should be changed. It takes just as much courage to maintain standards as it does to change them. To stand in opposition to the popular " recommendations " can be very difficult. You do have to be willing to endure ridicule. Serenity is required !
 There are times when I experience a growing frustration with all this nonsense. What has happened ? How can a majority of the people become so blinded to truth ? Is it because of this " information " age ?  If you so desire you can find supporting articles and " scientific " evidence to support just about any cause you choose. What is often ignored is the contradicting evidence that is in equal abundance. But that is the point in wisdom. Experience, knowledge and common sense all combine to give us wisdom. Lacking any, or all of them leads to this nonsense. I can understand the young, their youth deprives them of experience, not their fault. Knowledge must also be tempered with experience and so the young can not " know " the same information as those with more experience. Knowledge is more than facts. As to common sense, that is not taught, but acquired. Some folks never acquire that attribute and I have no explanation for that. They may be intelligent people indeed as compared to average intelligence. We have all known or know people like that. No common sense whatsoever. What I become frustrated with today is, the apparent teaching to abandon common sense and base everything on popular opinion. If the majority agrees it must be right. That couldn't be farther from the truth. That is the wisdom to know the difference.
 It is the discernment of truth that is central to this issue. Each of us believing in our own truth. For myself, and millions of others, truth is based in the Bible. Millions more base their truth in their religious texts. If we remove all of that from the discussion ( religious faith or doctrine ) what shall we base our truth on ? This is a popular movement in the present time. The total rejection of a " higher power " is being accepted in society as perfectly fine and normal. Saying anything to the contrary will get you lambasted with a litany of ridicule. Even those that believe in that higher power will chime in, saying that higher power demands that of you ! I don't believe that to be the truth. My God wishes me to spread the word. Now we could get into a big discussion about how that action is to be accomplished and a string of opposing examples and abuses cited, but that is not the point here. The point is the acceptance of that higher power. Yes, I know, my truth. It is really more than that. It is the acceptance, in general, that there is no higher power than man I find so troubling. The removal of that component in a society can only lead to disaster. There are many examples of that throughout history if one but reads the story. When government exists to appease the people that government soon crumbles. Interesting to note is that societies have existed for centuries when the government oppressed the people, but the people retained faith.
 For those that wish to only satisfy their own wishes and desires an attack upon truth is the most effective way. Use the other persons weakness against them is the strategy here. Removing the consequence from wrong choices or decisions is of paramount importance. Many of our choices are based in the intangible thing we call morality. If we can convince others that there are no directives other than their own feelings and man's laws, we will accomplish that task. Everyone is subject to temptation and weakness. The serenity prayer is often associated with the twelve step program for recovering alcoholics. The appeal for help is made to a higher power. An appeal to the intangible. The truth here being, there is a higher power, a God, whatever you conceive him/her to be. That is the truth, that is the discernment I write about. The distortion of the truth is the agenda. Wisdom comes from experience and man has centuries of experience to draw upon. Why we choose to ignore that history is beyond me. Serenity ? Difficult to achieve in this troubling time. Hard to stay calm when common sense and decency are being abandoned in favor of acquiescence to political correctness and popularity. I have the wisdom to know the difference and it is my hope others will too. I will not acquiesce to this agenda.