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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Think about that

 There is always talk of aliens. Whether they come from outer space or just another country or region, there are aliens. In recent years with the advancement of science and exploration certain planets have been identified as having potential. It has been suggested that we are the aliens. That we traveled here to escape a dying planet. Somehow we lost the technologies we once had and are slowly rediscovering them. It is all speculation as I do not believe we can explain the origins of man. It is my belief that we were created by a higher power, that the universe itself was created by a higher power. I also believe that hypothesis is just as valid as any other.  Mans' collective knowledge is limited in its' scope and therefore all of it is a hypothesis. Belief is what is important to man. Proof only justifies belief. Belief however, requires no proof. Belief stands alone. But this discussion of aliens is not about my philosophy on religion.
 I began thinking about aliens. It occurred to me that we all become aliens. We call it aging but it is really a transformation. We try to remember and hold on to the knowledge of the past but sometimes we forget. That is just the beginning of it though. As the years pass our language begins to change. It no longer fits in. Words change in meaning and whole ideas are interpreted wrong. For those of you that remember didn't the theme song for the Flintstones say, " we'll have a gay ole time ? " Don't think you'll hear that anymore and have it mean the same thing. Then when we try to stay current and use the current language we are stared at, like, well aliens ! At 62 if I say I'm " down with it " it just sounds funny. That phrase is even linked to a commercial, I'm down with Crestor, because you know, all us old folks have high cholesterol. But it's all good. And let's not even start on the clothes issue. In the movies the aliens always dress alike, sound familiar. Quick, what do old folks wear ? Ha, you got the picture didn't you ? We're aliens. We even begin to think differently from the rest of these earthlings don't we ? No, it is the young that have all those crazy ideas. We are not wrong about that stuff, they are. They have yet to learn the knowledge of the ages.  It'll take some time. We " elders " have been learning.
 In the end I think we all die as aliens. We leave this planet to go to another place. We leave behind our collective knowledge and hope it gets remembered, or at the very least rediscovered. We are born in one land and end up dying in another. Sounds like we are indeed the aliens. Of course we may come back to extract our revenge upon these mere mortals. Aliens have super powers don't they ?  Well maybe not so much because we always win. Then again, we are the ones writing the story. How do the aliens end the story ? Will we ever know ? Now we are back to belief aren't we ? And belief requires no proof.  If you don't believe in aliens think about the world when you were, say twelve. Has the world changed or is it you ? If the world has changed you are now the alien, if it hasn't you are surrounded by aliens. Either why the point has been made. Think about that.