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Monday, May 23, 2016

Mystery and nuance

 I received a copy of a picture from my sister. She found this photo behind another photo. There is some writing in the lower margin that so far defies deciphering. Damn the cursive writing ! The only other clue is that it came from my Great Grandfathers house. The picture that covered that photo was of my father when he was in the war. I expect that picture was placed in that frame around 1943 or so. That means the other photo is at least seventy years old, probably older than that. Just who the bride is, is a mystery. That she is a family member is extremely likely, but who ? There is a disconnect here. I am hoping to reestablish the connection. There is no one that would have first hand knowledge of that photo that I am aware of. My own Mother has no clue and Dad has been gone since 1990.
 As I wondered about that picture I was looking at the ones I have on my walls. A good portion of them are my ancestors. I know who they all are and despite my advice and cajoling to do so, I have yet to write on them to identify each one. Just as the person who wrote upon the mystery picture did, I'm thinking others will know. Maybe they will or maybe they won't. I wonder what will become of them. Will they get stored away somewhere and become disconnected ? Someone at some point realizing that they are probably relatives of theirs, but not knowing who. Then I began to wonder, are names enough ? Should I also attempt to write a chronicle about each person. I have gathered some scattered facts about the older ones and could, of course, add whatever first hand knowledge I have. Should I write these mini-chronicles and attach them to the rear of the photo ? I wonder if that would serve as a lifeline, saving the picture for posterity ? Another thing to consider.
 My immediate concern is attempting to discover the identity of the bride. she was quite attractive and I'm thinking stylish for her day.  Not being an expert in wedding dresses and fashion her hat looks like something from the 1920's. I'm not certain why I feel that way but I do. It looks like an expensive gown as well. I wonder if that speaks to her station in life, or is an aberration. It is hard to resist the urge to make facts fit the picture rather than the picture supporting the fact. I want more than a good guess. Maybe that is all I will get though, a good guess. I have some other old photographs that fall into that category. I think I know but I'm really guessing. Those fascinate me but what interest would they have to another ? And so, I'm back where I started. I'm not certain where to go from here. Perhaps I'll post the picture online. I don't have much hope that it will help though, unless they have Facebook in heaven. I do think I will print the handwriting on the bottom of that picture in the hope that someone may be able to read it. I just can't make it out. I'm a big supporter of teaching cursive writing to our children but in this case that cursive is like hieroglyphs to me. Should I decide to actually go through with my chronicling of the pictures I will print. I'll have the printer print it ! Only thing I will need to choose is the font. I will choose a simple one.
 Here is what I'm thinking. Now, the picture in the frame was my Dad. I'm thinking it was placed there by my great grandmother. She was the one who raised him. Her daughter Clara passed away a few days after giving birth to him. Is the bride grandmother Clara ? Would you place the picture of your grandson over the picture of your daughter ? Or is the bride someone else ? If so, who would be of lesser importance that you would cover it up ? Now that is something I'll never know the answer too. The nuances of life. They are captured in pictures and text. Sometimes they are captured with the actions we take. Are they hidden motives or just casual choices ? Most likely, both.