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Saturday, April 30, 2016

politics or personality

 I have grown a little weary of the political campaign. My question now is , is it politics or personalities ?  I know the two are forever linked and have always been so. It is just with these " protests " going on at Trump rallies I began to wonder. Are those folks protesting Trumps politics or his person ? I can't remember a time when this happened. Our voices are supposed to heard at the polls. Politics have never been known for politeness but rioting ? Oh, there have been scuffles at the conventions. The thing there is it was infighting between the delegates. They were passionate about their candidate. What are these protesters passionate about ? Hating Donald Trump ? Regardless of your feelings attempting to interfere with the process and deny Trump his " freedom " to speak is decidedly un-American.
 Now I haven't paid close attention to the news reports about this because I have grown weary. I did here Donald talking about getting to his rally by taking a back route. In his typical bombastic ways he said it felt like crossing the border ! That's what he does however to raise the ire of some and gain further support from others.  The Donald is tapping into the suppressed thoughts and feelings of many people. I'm not saying it is right but I am saying it is working, so far. The proof is in these protests. People are afraid he will receive the nomination and seek to prevent that from happening. The answer is a simple one, don't vote for him ! It doesn't matter if he received the nomination or not if you don't vote for him !
 It is unfortunate that this election cycle is boiling down not to real issues but personalities. You have Hillary, a woman. We should elect the first woman president because we elected our first African-American one. Yeah, that's the thinking here, just elect someone to be the first to show how progressive, open minded and inclusive our party is. Doesn't matter if the person is actually qualified or trustworthy. Or we could just elect a man that says what a lot of people think. Doesn't matter if it is logical, possible or humanitarian. It is really just all about us, right ? The Democrats just want to elect the first and the Republicans don't like the guy that is winning their primaries. The Republicans are trying to figure out what to do about that. Other candidates are trying to tag-team against Trump, an unprecedented maneuver.
 It will be an interesting march to November. There is a great deal at stake, more than many people realize. It is my thinking that we have allowed things to go on too long. There has been little to no oversight on what the government is doing for too long. We the people, have become complacent. We have been seduced with handouts and liberal policy agendas. No accountability and reduced sentences for crimes committed.  It's been too easy for too long. Time to make the tough choices and stand up. I don't mean throwing a tantrum because you don't get your way. You don't get to impose your will with threats of violence. As for the protests at Trump rallies in California I did notice one thing. There were plenty of Mexican flags there but no American ones. Since when do we allow foreign nationals, or at the very least those indicating they support a foreign nation, to disrupt our political process ? Also, do they not realize that by doing so they reinforce and strengthen the resolve of those supporting Trump !  They are proving exactly what he says.
 I have cast my ballot in the primary. I will listen to the campaign as it progresses. Right now I'm not too excited about any one candidate. I voted to deny the nomination to a certain candidate, that is what the primary is for right ? Ideally it would be to lend support to the one you want to win but this election is upside down. I just hope I don't have to do the same in November, vote to aid someone in a loss. I'll start listening again soon. I hope I hear something positive. It ain't looking good.