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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

miracle or memory ?

 Since I began writing this blog it has become increasingly apparent I don't have that many memories to share. There just isn't that many memorable moments. I wonder what that says about me ? I will say you must pay attention to that sentence. Memories to share, the key being share. Does the number of memories you are willing to share speak to your character ? I would have to say on some level it must. Full disclosure can only be accomplished by those without fault. I'm certainly not among that group. There is plenty I would just as soon forget. I haven't forgotten though and that is a good thing. The question is in the sharing. On the other side of that coin, sharing the mundane is also not very flattering. It is the exciting things in life that we remember the most. The truth is, we remember in moments. The details leading up to that moment or what happened following it may be lost. Those details may also be edited over time. Indeed, our lives are no more than a moment in time. Will that moment be memorable ? In the final analysis I believe it is what everyone wishes for, to be remembered.
 I do believe that everyone has a story to tell. It is just that for many of us we feel the story has already been told. That is to say, nothing new here. I don't believe that personally. Every life is unique and tells a unique story. We have all been told that many times over. It is somehow a need for each man to be unique. We don't want to be like everyone else.  The solitary crusader is the hero ! No one remembers the armies, just the soldier. Our memories are the battles we have won, when we felt triumphant. Accomplishments achieved. I 'm thinking that because of the scarcity of sharable memories my story isn't going to be an adventure. I'm not much for drama. Mystery ? Not much mysterious about me, I'm fairly transparent. Not difficult to figure me out. Some would find me comedic and I can see that. I don't like it much though, I want to be taken seriously. And so, what kind of story will it be ? Should our story end with a cliffhanger ? That would certainly hold some interest, at least for a while. But a cliffhanger with no final explanation is also frustrating. I'm not coming back to finish the story. No, my story must include the resolution. What is that final statement ? Why will the story be remembered ?
 The bigger question here is, can we create a memory ? I think the answer is no. We may create a sensation, by a sensational act, whether good or bad, but that is not a memory. The formation of a memory is an almost miraculous event. No one can say exactly how that happens. Why do we remember what to others would be insignificant ? Memories are not intentional things. They just happen. True memories are far more than recalling an event. Memories are emotions. The repeating of a moment. They are the closet thing man has to time travel. Thing is we can only travel one at a time. Being only one, we are unique ! There lies the answer. We need only find the memory. Many of the greatest stories end with the hero walking into the sunset. I like that ending. The hero is remembered for the life he lived, his deeds are secondary to the story. It is the validation of a life well lived. It explains it all. Well, except for one big question. Are we all a miracle, or a memory ? We have been given the life, what we do with it creates the memory.