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Monday, April 11, 2016

Why did I do that

 Life is full of balances. The secret to happiness is in keeping that balance. Every once in a while we tip that scale, unfavorably, and we have no one other than ourselves to blame. I find myself disappointed and disgusted with myself when that happens. Then I attempt to justify whatever action caused that imbalance with skewed logic. I become defensive, with myself ! Isn't that a strange reaction ?
 Do you think that bad things must occur to balance the good ? That is to say, can your life be all happy and good ? Sure there will be others that disturb whatever peace you may create and I don't think there is much you can do about that. I am thinking only about your own choices. Do we unconsciously make bad decisions to tip that scale ? When things have been going well for too long ? It is not a matter of deserving happiness, it is a matter of  maintaining it. Do we all shoot ourselves in the foot eventually ? These are the questions I find myself asking whenever this happens to me. Just why did I do that ?
 Eventually, after being upset for a while, I will determine to not do that again. I make myself a promise. After properly chastising myself I will set it aside. The purpose is to move on, not forgetting but forgiving. It is in remembrance that promises are kept. Forgiving is not forgetting. This is true with ourselves as well as with others. Breaking promises to ourselves is just as bad as breaking promises to others. In some ways, breaking a promise to yourself is worse. You are fully aware of the consequences of whatever choice you are making, yet you continue. Being a disappointment to yourself ! The search for justification only intensifies that wrong.
 The best one can do is seek to return to balance. You must find a way to rectify whatever it is you have done. This has to be done in a realistic and reasonable fashion. Some, over the top, reaction may cause a distraction but not resolve the issue. To use an old metaphor, the milk has been spilled, no sense crying over it. All that is to be done is clean up the mess. Following that, steps should be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. The promise to be more careful is made. Will you remember that promise ? Or will you become careless and repeat that mistake ? It is the human condition is it not ? Another slogan is " let the good times roll . " I have found that just letting the good times roll often ends up in disaster. Things just get out of control. It is then we wind up shooting ourselves in the foot. So, just how much happiness are we allowed ? As much as we want, as long as we remember what causes our unhappiness, that is unless others intervene in our happiness, but that is a different thing altogether. I am only thinking about one question this morning, why did I do that ? Ever ask yourself that question ? I'm quite certain we all have and there is no satisfactory answer. I am unbalanced, staggering a little bit, but will regain my footing. Searching for forgiveness, either from yourself or others is always a difficult journey. Unfortunately we tend to forget the journey once forgiveness is obtained. Remember the promise made before that journey ? Keep it.