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Friday, April 22, 2016

A mutual memory

 It happened again this very morning. I turned on my computer and received a notification from Google +. A gentleman, somewhere out there in this cyber world had read a blog posting of mine and left a comment. Whenever that happens I am a little amazed. To me it is rather like a stranger pulling my book off a library shelf. Out of millions of books this man read mine ! What struck me this morning was this " book " was put on the shelf back in 2010. It has proven to be my most popular work as far as that goes. I wonder how folks find this ? It's quite a flattering thing really.
 Thinking about that it is proof of how whatever we put on the internet stays there. I get those postings every once in a while asking me to repost to show how far a message travels. Sometimes they just ask for a like, you know the type, to educate young people about the dangers and pitfalls. A lot of adults would be wise to heed that as well. I make a conscious effort to not post things I don't want shared with the world. Not being what you would call proficient in computer skills I'm sure I have made mistakes. I mean, I'm betting private messaging isn't really private at all if you know what to do. The only thing I have shared that way might hurt someone's feelings if they saw it, but wouldn't embarrass or hurt me in any way. I'm not sharing anything inappropriate only insensitive.
 In this election cycle I haven't heard any candidates using this for an advantage. I'm certain all the camps are scouring the social media networks for anything they can find though. Do these folks have Facebook, twitter and Snapchat ? I'm betting they do but must be very careful about what they post. If I where running for office they would have a field day with my blog postings and everyday comments I leave. I can only imagine. I expect some out there have already formed quite the opinion about who or what I am. I am fortunate that the majority of my readers I consider friends, and so spare my feelings. Should anyone decide to attack I've certainly provided the ammunition. I have been attacked a few times but they were just minor skirmishes. They were of no consequence whatsoever. Some of that I attribute to maturity on my part and some I solicited and so deserved it. Yeah, sometimes I make comments just to receive a reaction. I'm bad like that.
 Now this posting that keeps surfacing is nothing more than a memory of mine. Obviously it is a mutual memory because so many have related to it. Were Norman Rockwell alive it would make a great poster or cover for the Saturday Evening Post. Rockwell was a painter and illustrator. What I have in mind would be an illustration. The " Dugan " man delivering those fine baked goods to grandmas house. The iconic truck in the background and he carrying his tray of wares. Just the mental picture takes me back to 1959 or so.
 Yes, it is nothing more than whimsy. Something I remember from my childhood and posted to the internet. It has resided there for almost six years and is still being discovered. If it were something of a more sensational manner it would have gone viral ! Viral, as in infection. I'm not certain I want to be a virus. A mild cold perhaps, but a virus ? Going viral can be a good thing. It can bring wealth and notoriety. A virus will run its' course and be gone. It may be cured, defeated by man, or it may kill you ! Now a cold always comes back and is resistant to treatment. I guess I'm more like that. I'm persistent. I can be annoying but at least I'm familiar. No one welcomes a cold though. Bottom line is, I'm still around. Hey, not all viruses are bad. Some are quite helpful in fact. I'm one of them.  Yeah, that's what I will go with. Remember anything you post can become a virus. Be sure it is something you want everyone to have before sharing. Sometimes it is best to just cover your mouth ! Or hold those fingers still.