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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Creating spirit

 First many of us became disconnected from the land or sea, as our livelihoods changed. Now it appears we are being disconnected from each other. The small family farms are conglomerates now and the fishing is done by fleets. We carry our connection to the world in our pockets but fail to connect with each other. Everyone connected by invisible lines yet we may as well be in a cave. Social media is predominated by aggression rather than compassion. With the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, we are ignorant. How withdrawn have we become that we fear to speak personally. We communicate by text, not by emotion. We have adopted " emoji " to try to express our humanity. The Japanese invented it and it mean picture and character. Its' relation to the English word emotion is purely coincidental. Not a very efficient method to convey the range of human nuance in speech. We read to reply, not to understand. The art of discussion is being lost, replaced by Wikipedia and Snopes. Discussion is the exchange of ideas, not of facts. This incessant desire to be correct in everything is what is driving us into our dens of solitude. The need for attention adding fuel to the fire of resentment that resides within us all. That is why so many are lashing out at society in such evil ways. That is the disconnect, our feeling of being a part of it all.
 The removal of mystery from life makes it mundane. As man grows in his explanation of the universe he eliminates his Gods. Man attempts to be that God that was eliminated. That is because mankind needs that mystery to flourish. We may greatly expand our knowledge of human physiology and make great strides in engineering but the mystery remains. For some , this mystery appears as a weakness and is denied. The belief being they will come to understand, through science, the explanation. I believe that to be a foolish thought and an arrogant one. Our planet and everything on it hangs in a fine balance. Man can do little but destroy the world, he can not create. Duplication is not creation, but recreation. It is an imitation. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't that what they say ? Should man strive to be like God ? That is the real moral and ethical question that nags at mankind ? To follow or to lead ?  Can we create a spirit ?
 Man has advanced in his knowledge of " mysteries, " We discovered why so many died of disease and infection for example. We came to understand about the transmission of these things. Where we could only pray for recovery we now apply medicines. Is the mystery truly explained ? I don't think so, just solved. Why do these things exists in the first place, are they of any benefit or solely detrimental to man ? The answer is both, depending upon context. Miracles are a solution to a problem. Isn't that what they do ? When a miracle happens it is a great thing, why its' a miracle ! It is also a mystery. Will the mystery ever be solved ? Perhaps an understanding of the mechanics of that miracle will. Does that then explain the miracle ? If man can duplicate that, is that too a miracle ? I say no, it is an imitation. A imitation of what can't be known. All this imitation should be bringing us closer to our God but the opposite seems to be the case. I believe that is because we are concentrating our efforts on scientific fact to the exclusion of divine intervention. That is why we are called the " children " of God. We act like children, believing we know it all. It is a disconnect. My belief is, given time, man will come to understand his inferiority not as a weakness but a strength. That is unless we destroy ourselves first.
 Strange how we attempt to imitate what we refuse to admit exists. That is what is happening right now. Those that deny the existence of God trying to duplicate what has been created. To explain it all. Maybe we should spend as much time enjoying what has been provided, reconnecting with that energy. Reconnecting with each other.