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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The dump

 I remember going to the dump. That's what we called it because you went there to dump your unwanted items in a big hole in the ground. As a kid, it was a fascinating place. You could wander around there and find all kinds of good stuff. It was free for the taking. No regulations about that, help yourself. No one was getting sued if you fell in the hole or got hurt. You were responsible for yourself !
 Dad would borrow his brothers four wheel drive International pick up truck and away we would go. After dumping the trash he would sometimes drive down into that hole. Then he would attempt to drive up the side. What fun that was, felt like the truck was going to flip over backwards. I loved it. That was all long before mud bogging and off-roading came into being. Shoot we were off the road most of the time, even when it was the road ! Four wheel drive wasn't a common thing back then, too expensive.
 There were other things to do at the dump. You could shoot rats. Get your 22 and sit on the tailgate. Wasn't anything wrong with that. It was a good distraction. Of course you didn't shoot when folks were around, hold your fire. We had common sense like that, nobody got shot. And don't shoot at other stuff like birds, glass, or aerosol cans. Some fun I'll tell ya. Do not shoot at the gulls ! The gulls are protected and you will get fined or go to jail. Those scavengers keep things cleaned up, leave them alone.
 There was money to be made too. I would bring home discarded lawnmowers. Get a few of them and you can assemble one. Sold them for fifteen bucks. You could take the wire out of washing machines and such. Strip that wire and sell it to the junkman. You could just burn the isolation off back then. No one was worried about carcinogens in the smoke. We didn't breathe it ! In fact, we tried to avoid it because that crap will choke you. It was the immediate effect that we were concerned with. Lumber and all manner of construction materials was available. Why you could get enough stuff there to build a really cool " fort. " I had wall to wall carpeting in mine and a sink.
 The dump was really a big recycling center before we thought of recycling. It was like going to a giant craft store in a way. If you needed something you could probably find it there. Sure it was used but sometimes that stuff was really good. Those rich folks would throw out all kinds of stuff. I got a riding lawnmower from there and it was only missing third gear, other than that, it was awesome. Cut the grass in second gear for years. The dump was a treasure hunt. We went every Saturday. Trash pick up was for folks in town or those with money to throw away. Why would you pay ? Just ride over to the dump and throw it in the hole.
 It has been said that all good things must end. I guess that is true. The days of the dump are long gone now. I loved going to the dump. I would go there even when I didn't have anything to throw away. It was an educational place as well. Saw things there I had never seen before. I wonder what would remain if they dug up that ground today ? What treasure from the past might still be there. After fifty years or so I guess there wouldn't be much of value to find. Some old metal pieces and some plastic. Oh, and rat skeletons.