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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moral wealth

 After posting yesterdays blog , Civility and soccer, a regular reader of mine left a comment about wealth being tied to manners. That wasn't my intent when writing that piece but upon review I think it was a valid statement. I can see where you would get that impression. I responded with, clothes make the man don't they ? I believe we both got a chuckle out of that. It did lead me to a further thought about manners and the state of civility we live in today. What I was writing about yesterday was the way those folks, affluent in my opinion, had conducted themselves at the soccer game. It was a welcome change from the expected rather coarse behavior I frequently encounter. Soccer is a game of passion, that can't be denied. Soccer fans are pretty vocal about their opinions. To say the language used to express those opinions is crass is an understatement. Taking that thought a step further and one could say that is becoming the case in general society today. I believe it is tied to wealth. Not monetary wealth however, but what I would call moral wealth. It seems to me there was much more of that forty years or so ago. At least that is the way I remember it. At public events whether they be sporting or otherwise our expletives were somewhat tempered. Occasionally there would be a person there that had possibly consumed some alcohol and would " act out. " Those actions were never condoned. Abuse of the game officials or other spectators was taken care of. It was accomplished not always in the most civil of ways. The point being it was taken care of.
 But what is this moral wealth I feel we are lacking ? Is it our choice of language ? I think it is much more than that. It is in the way we interact with each other. It is a slew of little things. Being polite is on top of the list. We are far more likely to face confrontation today rather than an understanding smile. We have become hesitant to even speak to strangers. The declaring of our " rights " is a very common thing. There is much talk of division in our country. No surprise to me given the way we act towards one another. We are in defensive mode most of the time. Hard to make friends or simply interact with the enemy, even when that enemy is just a perception. That is this underlining reason for the choice of language we use and the attitude we adopt. No borders ! We often speak of this " no borders " philosophy as freedom. I am free to act and do as I please, it is my right. I will even quote the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and quote a few rappers to prove it ! In doing so I do not have to consider you or your rights, that's freedom. To do otherwise would be a constraint on my freedom. It is that attitude that has caused this moral bankruptcy.
 Many folks mistakenly believe that morals and religion are the same thing. That is not the case, although a good religious background reinforces morals. Morals are just what we consider acceptable behaviors. Each society establishes a set of moral behaviors. Remember the Cowboy code ? That is morals. Forty years ago our moral standards were different than they are today. I would submit that they were quite a bit higher. Strange how today some would look back at that and say how prejudicial and judgmental we all were back then. I say we were held to a standard. It was an assimilation into society to learn how to conduct oneself. Today assimilation is of secondary importance. Just do your own thing is the prevailing attitude. The shift is from personal accountability to one of governmental control. As long as you are not in violation of any laws, that is legislation, you are to be accepted without prejudice. Those laws that become problematic to established morals will be abolished or rewritten. I have seen that occurring over the years. It doesn't take much thought if you lived through it to see just that. Remember the " blue laws " ? Abolished as unfair to non -religious folks. They should be able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want. Yes, it was a moral thing tied to the Judeo Christian belief system. I wouldn't deny that but did it not also benefit those non-believers that didn't have to work on these days ? Just because you are not religious doesn't mean you don't want a day off. Was it compelling anyone to observe a religion ? I don't think so. But that isn't the point anyway. I am just talking about our morals as a nation. The government providing goods and services to the population, free, is not a moral code. You can not legislate morality ! I know, a recurring theme of mine.
 Does wealth and affluence equate to morality ? I would have to say only in appearances. The poorest of us can be the most moral. The wealthy can be immoral. Morals are a personal thing, that assimilation to society I mentioned earlier. Are the "poorer " folks in the population rebelling against morality or just frustrated with being poor ? Are morals something to be bought or afforded ? It is interesting to note that the distinction has always existed between the " classes. " The poor folks, uncouth, unclean and uneducated. The wealthy have always held those of lesser wealth in contempt. It will always be so. Regardless of any form of government that will not change. The " poor " have their strength in a physical way. The " poor " are the doers of the world. Financed by the wealthy, they fight revolutions. They win by sheer force but never control. The wealthy will control the results of revolution. It will ever be so.
 The wealthy establish the morals of a society. It is what the poor aspire too. That is why we are taught manners and etiquette. We need to know how to conduct ourselves in polite company to be successful. Tact and diplomacy are the tools of the wealthy. The rest of us are confined to brute force. That is the perception being perpetrated today. Why is that ? It is because the wealthy, in their desire for more wealth, seek to appease the masses. They are the ones telling everyone what they need, no what they are entitled too ! Of course those entitlements come at a price. The price is your freedom. And what is freedom ? Freedom is a lack off dependence.
 None of us can take it with us. We all have heard that and know the truth of it. The quest for wealth is to have it now. In the end we will all be equal. Rich or poor the deceased are dead ! It is what we present in life that is our measure. The poorest among us can be the richest and vice-versa. The standard is what determines that measure. Being a moral and just person should be the goal in life. The acquisition of wealth is a standard while on earth, that can not be denied but so also is fame or notoriety. Others can only know what we project. They can not know your heart. Appearances are important. Morals are free. Why then are we going morally bankrupt ? To gain wealth and material things ? Decay takes a long time but it occurs naturally. A revolution took place, a government was formed based on a moral standard. A government was formed " by the people. " The wealthy profited from that revolution. Now " moral decay " is beginning to rear its' ugly head. This decay must be accepted, or at the very least justified. The method to do so is the removal of those standards. Rewrite the morals. It is really a descent. The real question to be answered is, a descent into what ?