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Just Me
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Monday, April 25, 2016

a good talking too

 There is a trend for tiny houses nowadays. I think it would be quite nice to own one. I have never been one to want a whole lot, like a big house and all that, although I wouldn't have objected either. But now I am beginning to understand and embrace this minimalist  view of things. I have begun to clear out the clutter myself. Now I was raised by a generation that didn't throw out or waste many things. You never know when or what you might need. I see now a lot of it was done for convenience sake. Saved a trip to the store and could be had without delay. As far as those tiny houses go I think they are cool but probably inconvenient too. Like living in a camper you have to constantly change the configuration to suit. I would think that could get tedious. So I don't really want the tiniest house, just a small cottage will do. Getting rid of the clutter is another thing altogether and one I have begun to embrace. Material and emotional clutter is what I'm talking about.
 I am not a hoarder but do tend to collect junk. I don't throw much away and so it accumulates. The longer I have it the stronger the attachment seems to grow. It is almost like I know I'm going to need it and only need to wait a little longer. When that time comes I will have been justified in keeping it. Patience I call it, being patient. I guess it is more procrastination than patience. I am becoming determined to change that, but it makes me nervous. What if I need that next week or next year ? I'd have to buy it and who knows if you could even find it. I'd better hold onto that. That's the conversation in my head. How to know when enough is enough ? There are times when I am bi-polar and start just throwing stuff out ! Doesn't happen often but I can feel it coming on. Time to unclutter things a bit. Back to basics. On the other hand I do like to accessorize my life. Some do that with clothes or jewelry, I do it with junk. No more ! I'm cleaning house.
 I also have some emotional clutter to dispose of. Finding a resolution to certain issues will not be easy. Just letting it go isn't always an option. There are things I 'm not alone in holding on too. Then a mutual agreement must be reached. I'm ready to let it go but is the other person ? That is a case of patience and not procrastination. Then I get annoyed by the other persons' procrastination. What are you waiting for ? It is no longer baggage I am willing to carry and I grow weary. No time like the present.
 The truth is I am trying to motivate myself to get started. I have been putting this off for a while now. I have run out of excuses and need to get it done. It is not a task I relish. That is what this writing is all about this morning. I'm trying to talk myself into action !  That is what is required, a good talking too.  The problem is I have reached a point where I won't allow that to happen, at least not from others. I just won't tolerate it ! Stubborn ? Not on your life, I'm certain I know best. I don't need anybody to tell me anything ! And so the task falls to me alone, I have to give myself a good talking too ! Well isn't that always the way ? If you want anything done you have to do it yourself. The older I get the more I see the truth in that statement. I had best get started.