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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spock did it !

 This morning I find myself just sitting here and looking around. The news drones on in the background causing an occasional silent comment to surface in my mind. Comments best not said out loud. And that is becoming a recurring thing, this silence. Opinions contrary to the current agenda will get you labeled immediately these days. There is no discussion, no explanation of thought. Now it is get in line, or get labeled. Discretion in speaking your opinion is important, more so now than at any other time in recent memory. All this " freedom " being enjoyed I find restricting. The issues are being forced and it grates on my nerves.
 I liken all this progressive agenda stuff to a little book written years ago by a Doctor Spock. No, not that Spock, Dr. Benjamin Spock. He was a pediatrician and advocated for a method of child rearing opposite to the prevailing methods at the time. Basically he went contrary to " spare the rod and spoil the child. " He wrote about picking the baby up whenever it cried and just talking with children rather than discipline. It was he that started this decline in society and I place the blame firmly upon his shoulders. The first generation subject to this parenting method was the " baby boomers. " I'm one of that group but Mom didn't listen to Doctor Spock and for that I am grateful. I lived with the " hippies " and they were a product of that parenting experiment. It has only grown worse since. The children are remaining children well into what should be adulthood, in my opinion. That is why we hear all this whining and crying about everything. Whining and crying has gotten them whatever they wanted so far, so why not continue. After all it is their right and they are entitled !
 Yes, in my opinion Dr. Spock is responsible for replacing real parenting with just keeping them entertained. It is easier that way. When you don't have to discipline your children that saves you from responsibility, or so it would seem. Behavioral disorders are given names and drugs applied to correct the issues. When bad things happen and the children of today manage to get through it they are called " survivors. " Used to be that was just called life. Today the world is filled with survivors ! I'm sick of hearing it.
 I am sick of these spoiled, entitled brats, forcing their liberal agenda down my throat. We do live in a constitutional republic and the majority rules. I have to comply with the laws of the land but I don't have to like it. Not every law written is a good one ! Isn't that what the agenda is now ? Our laws do not protect my feelings, I get offended. So, now we are writing laws that make that a criminal offense. I was taught to just get on with my life and ignore those I felt ignorant. You can't fix ignorant ! Just because I make a " choice " that doesn't make it the right one either. Some things you don't get to choose, they just are. No matter how much you may feel contrary to that, the fact remains. Yes and the ones with the loudest voices, the politicians and public figures shout their support for a simple reason, monetary gain. Wouldn't want to offend anyone and lose my office or record sales ! Makes me sick.
 Well that's my little tirade for today, I apologize if I offended anyone. Doesn't change my opinion any though. I try to only share with those that are receptive. I'm no advocate. I'm also not an activist. I'm just a 62 year old man that is observing the world around him. I enjoy sharing my observations and will gladly explain them to any that would listen. I feel no need to defend them. This morning I feel like the world is lacking in discipline. But then when you are teaching that there is no set code of conduct what can you expect ? Hard to be disciplined without set standards.