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Thursday, June 30, 2016

simple things

 I do like the old things and the old ways. I just find something comforting in them. I suppose that is the purpose of nostalgia. The comfort that comes from confidence. Those old things are familiar to us and bring enjoyment in that way. We relive moments with a glance or a touch. It may be a certain smell that triggers a memory as well. I have many things around me that trigger those memories. Some of these items I have had for many years and others are recent purchases. You see, an object doesn't have to be the original one, it only needs to be familiar. My latest acquisition is a door stop. Yes, a cast bronze door stop. I recall Mom having one, only it was a cat, and cast iron. No matter, it was a flashback when I saw it. I bought it and due to its' smaller size I am using it as a bookend.  Thinking about that, I wonder how many homes have bookends anymore ? Surely they must still be common items.
 When I was in high school taking shop classes that was one of our projects, a doorstop. It was made of wood and had a wedge for its' base. I remember making that and painting it. Black and white dog, like the one from Spanky and our Gang. Now that is nostalgic. A bit racist though. LOL Well it was a different time and place. Mom did use that doorstop for a while and then it just disappeared. It is the first time I have thought of that in many years. Thing is, it did serve a purpose in its' time and today you just don't see them much. I'll tell you something else I just thought of. I haven't heard the squeak of an ironing board in many a year either. Mom ironed everything, as far as I know she still does, and you could hear that squeaky sound from the pressure of the iron. It would be accompanied by that smell too. The smell of a steam iron and spray starch. Takes me back to my youth. Good memories live there and I am thankful for that.
 I do think it is a feeling of confidence that attracts us to this things. As we age and things change we become less confident. You could say that things were just simpler back then and that is a valid statement, but could be, it was just better. I like simple. No need to complicate things. I like yes and no answers. I want the proper tool for the job. If that tool worked fine fifty years ago it will still work fine today. Our tools are designed primarily to increase the speed in which a task can be accomplished. Some sacrifice is made, usually in quality. I would add that going too quickly also removes the reward of doing the job. The old ways were a bit more intimate. The craftsman making a connection to the craft. That is why we " craft " today. Remember at one time all these " crafts " we practice today for enjoyment were at one time a necessary occupation.
 It is easy to look back and think what a wonderful time it was. The truth is they were struggling with the same things we struggle with today. The primary struggle is just to survive. That is why we invent these devices that make things faster and require less skill. Take years to learn a craft but if I can get a machine to do that task, why bother. It is human nature and we call it progress. Each generation will reach a point where they are nostalgic for the way it used to be. That occurs when they begin to lose their confidence. One day my grandkids will be saying, can't I just get a smartphone like I used to have ? These new fangled communicators are too complicated.
 I like my doorstop / bookend. I like air conditioning along with everyone else and so won't be propping open the door. Of course I don't have a screen door either. They are becoming things of the past as well. I'd like to tell you I had a wooden screen door that slammed shut with a spring when I was growing up but it wasn't so. We had those aluminum ones with the hydraulic closer to prevent it from slamming. I did build one once and had it on my backdoor. I enjoyed that. Now the majority of our doors are steel and come with deadbolts. Many homes don't have windows with screens. Progress I suppose.