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Sunday, June 12, 2016

shades of truth ?

 How did we arrive at this point ? The point were we are no longer free to speak our minds. Our words and correspondence must first be run through a filter. The filter of political correctness. It has become the method of doing business. I first noticed this when that show Survivor aired. I watched maybe two episodes and figured out the premise. Lie, cheat, say whatever you think the others want to hear and you will be successful. It wasn't a show about moral values or integrity that much was plain. What I found most disturbing was that you were declared a winner for doing so. The most corrupt individual wins the game ! Then I noticed some people began to idolize these contestants.  I even worked at a place where another employee was constantly trying to form an " alliance " to circumvent the boss. I'm thinking this attitude has now fully permeated our society. Do not speak out in opposition or you will be voted out ! Out of society and out of luck. It has become a matter of survival.
 Okay, so it isn't all that bad but you know what I mean. It has become accepted practice to shade the truth. As long as you don't get caught that is. The reality being, even if you get caught it will be alright unless another can use that same indiscretion to their advantage. Then, all bets are off. It is all a part of the strategy. We have begun to remove such bothersome things as morals and ethics. Those type of things can get in the way and so opposition must be eliminated. The most effective method is to label those exercising those virtues as bigots or prejudicial in some fashion. Discredit their motives and silence them ! If we do not talk about morals and ethics we don't have to have any, isn't that the thinking ? We will shout however whenever someone cites any documents contrary to that agenda. Our favorite phrase will be, that isn't what it says. Or, it says that, but, that isn't what it means. We have somehow gained the ability to read the minds of people that died two hundred years ago. It is what they wrote but the words meant something different then.
 You have only to look at the candidates we have running for president to see evidence of this. Regardless of your political affiliation an examination of these individuals is very revealing. I am speaking about there character. Neither of the two presumptive nominees can stand up to much scrutiny. Their track records as to moral and ethical behaviors should serve as a red flag. Are these the kind of folks we want to represent us to the world ? Listen, a president must first be a diplomat. A diplomat gains respect through their actions. Donald Trump is no diplomat. Hillary's track record as a diplomat is seriously in question. The fact is it is under investigation by several agencies of the government. The bottom line is, can either of them be trusted ? Set aside all the other issues, can they be trusted ? Are they in the " game " to win or to benefit the players ? We are the players in this game. We do vote at the " tribal " council. Which of these two is the most effective at being deceitful ? That is who will win. The one that promises the most for the masses. The Donald has a slogan, make America great again. Clever. What is the implication ? We need to go back to the days of the wild west, that is when America was great. It is a subconscious thing. Listen to his banter and bullying and you will hear it too. Sounds like John Wayne in the old time westerns. Only difference is Donald Trump is not a pillar of morality and virtue. And what is Hillary promising ? I really don't listen to her and so I can't comment with any authority. I don't listen to her because I know that she lies. It is as simple as that. She was fired from her first job for lying and unethical behavior and has a track record that supports those traits. A leopard really can't change their spots !
 But, you say, there is Bernie Sanders. What is his agenda ? This man never held a full time job until he was forty years old. His first job was handing out forms to people to apply for public funds. In other words, to apply for free stuff. He hadn't contributed a thing up to that point and wanted to give it away. How very magnanimous of him. Is this a man you want as steward of our nation ? He is still living in a dream world. His vision of reality bears no resemblance to the real world. Free everything. Yeah because hard work, dedication and sacrifice are just outdated concepts. If you don't feel like doing that, it's cool, the government will provide for you. The cost to you is simple, your freedom. The government will tell you what is good and bad for you. The government will put a warning label on it.
 The president should be a leader. As the good doctor, Ben Carson, pointed out when asked about his ability to lead the nation, it is about teamwork. He said he would assemble a team of the best qualified people in their respective fields to assist. He didn't try to say, I can do it alone. Makes sense doesn't it ? Many jumped at that saying he was weak. I say it was quite the contrary, it was a sign of strength. He wanted to win for the people, not for himself. Fact is, he was asked to run and I don't think his heart was ever really in it. I do think he is a leader. I also believe he is a man of conviction. But, he is not one of the choices. For the first time since I have been able to vote I am left shaking my head. There are no candidates I can cast my vote for in good conscience. I'm thinking I will have to revert to an old fashioned idea. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I may not cast a ballot for president this time around. I can't say if that will hurt or help the candidates. Of course some dead person may vote for me. I hear that happens all the time.