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Saturday, June 4, 2016

being popular

 I like to talk about things that other people don't know. I have always been that way and so you could say it is just a part of my personality. I think it is a great conversation starter. Ah, but the conversation centers around me, or least my topic, isn't that so ? So, you could also say it is a self centered thing, this gathering of trivia and fact. I also think it is this way with most people. Although shared interests are conducive to friendship, shared knowledge is not always seen in that light. I mean nobody likes a know it all. That could explain my rather small circle of friends.
 Now I am not saying that this makes me any smarter than anyone else. What I am saying is that I enjoy being independent. I don't want to just go with the program before me. Perhaps if I had devoted more time and energy in that pursuit when I was in school I would have been a better student. As it was I did what was necessary to pass the course but was easily distracted. There were others that were exceptional students but boring people. I don't think it is bragging to say, I wasn't boring ! To some I may have been boorish. To others I may have appeared uninterested in study. Both groups would have been correct, to a degree. That is a fair statement I believe, as we all live our lives with different degrees. It is the " degree " of interest others have in our opinions that define our popularity. Wouldn't you say that is so ? The manner in which we generate the degree of interest defines our character. Think about that. Just why are people interested in you ?
 I think as a general rule you are popular when you say the things others want to hear. I mean, how else can you explain Donald Trump ? That is why you can say the most outrageous things, as a lot of comedians do, and politicians, and be accepted. That isn't to say those thoughts are correct, just that is what is being thought. Jokes by innuendo are often the funniest ! Shall we call them, off color ? You know what I mean. Those things are fine if you wish to be a comedian. It is also a definite asset should you wish to enter the political area.  For me however, it presents a bit of a moral dilemma. I can not in good conscience just repeat whatever the popular sentiment of the time is. I am at times aware of just what that sentiment is, but disagree. I have to present my own opinion. Yup, I'm opinionated. The vigor in which you defend your opinion speaks to your maturity. Better known as picking your battles carefully. I'm afraid I'm lacking in that department but am working on it. Had I chosen past battles more wisely I wouldn't carry the scars that I do.  Nothing fatal, just flesh wounds so far. Wasn't it Theodore Roosevelt that said, Walk softly but carry a big stick ? That is what he was talking about !
 I started this out saying I like to talk about things other people don't know. What I should have said is I like to give my opinion. I like to believe that others know the answers but just haven't finished calculating the equation. That is where I come in. I will explain it all. That is also the " know it all " that people dislike. No one can know it all, that is true when it comes to facts. We are not talking about facts here. I do enjoy knowing some verifiable facts to bolster my case for my opinions, but they are not necessary. The truth is, it is in how we view the facts that form our opinions. Interpretation of reality is an individual thing. Reality is an opinion. What may be pain to you may very well be pleasure to me. An aberration ? Only if you perceive it to be so. It is your opinion. And having said that I have given you mine. Again. I'll leave it to you to figure out just what that opinion is. One of three choices remain to you. First you understand and agree, second you understand and disagree, or third, you don't have a clue what I'm talking about and just dismiss it altogether. Whatever choice you make, I hope it was interesting.