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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ultimate responsibilty

 Will this time in America be looked back upon and labeled, " the activist " age ? A time when everyone felt the need to " do something about it " whatever " it " happened to be. Everything and anything called into question. Everything and anything being accepted. The causes for everything being something other than ourselves or our fellow man. A time when the blame is placed upon inanimate objects, religious beliefs and scientific facts. Surely man is not to blame, we are enlightened and oh so intelligent. We certainly don't need any guidance from an unseen being. We got this !
 It all begins with the removal of consequence. When we are not held accountable for our actions or choices, given free reign as it where, things will soon get out of control. I'd say there is plenty of evidence of that happening right now. The first step in this process is to convince each other that this is all there is. In years past there were those that denied the existence of God and they were met with ridicule. Now, they are embraced as enlightened. That is a radical change in the public consciousness. The removal of conscience goes hand in hand with the removal of consequence. And just what is the ultimate consequence ? That is the question that needs to be answered. It is what mankind has always sought.
 So just what is the ultimate consequence ? Is it no money, lack of popularity, or just being forgotten ?  Ultimately I think the greatest consequence one can suffer is being dismissed as having no value. It is the frequency in which we require a confirmation of that worth that defines our lives. Those seeking immediate rewards will make concessions. And what is a concession ? Something that is granted in response to a demand. Someone or something must be conceded. Value cannot be secured by concession. Value is achieved through dedication, patience and just actions. Then having obtained  value, what is the reward ? That is another basic question to be answered. Having obtained a measure of value do we get to " cash it in " after our physical bodies cease to function ? How does one measure the value of a soul ?
 If you reject the concept of ultimate consequence, you must also reject the idea of a soul. Our souls are our energy, are they not ? That is my belief. Energy can not be destroyed, only changed in its' form. That is scientific fact. Why should our energy not be the same ? The determination of whether that energy is positive or negative depends upon the actions we take in life. That is consequence. Whether you wish to label that energy as " divine " or not, that energy exists. Personally I do not believe that God decides, on an individual basis, where that energy goes. I believe it is a part of the free will that our God has granted to us. We get to choose. We choose by our actions. There are consequences !
 In the end, it is man that decides. It is not his choice of tools or objects. It is not the implementation of laws or regulations. It is not the imposition or removal of moral standards. It is decided in the heart and soul of each of us. There are choices to be made. Making changes for the sake of change accomplishes nothing. I believe in staying the course. That course is found in the heart of every man. It is only altered by other men and their ambitions. Religious texts have been written by man in an attempt to define that course. What each of us must understand and decide upon is consequence. Either you believe in ultimate consequence or you don't. It is my thinking that decision alone determines your actions and defines your conscience. Are you ultimately responsible ?  It is a struggle to be sure. It is far easier to concede than to persevere. We should be far more concerned with the concessions we make than with an immediate reward. Things conceded are seldom retrieved.