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Thursday, June 9, 2016

adding a chapter

 Ancestry.com has connected me with a cousin ! I'm very excited about this. This is a cousin I have never met but have only heard of. You see this cousin, her name is Ellen, is the daughter of my Aunt June. The thing is, Aunt June had been married previous to marrying my Uncle Elwood, yes she was a divorcee, and cousin Ellen was a product of that marriage. So I suppose that makes her a half cousin. But not to me it doesn't. My own brothers are half-brothers or step brothers or whatever the term is,  but not to me, they are just my brothers. Cousin Ellen is the eldest daughter and so I think had moved out by the time I visited with Uncle Elwood in Chicago. They had two daughters together, Joyce and Julie. I met them both, that was 1971 though, so the memory s a bit foggy.
 The real excitement in this for me will be hearing the other side of the story. Uncle Elwood was the oldest brother. My Dad and he share the same Mom, Clara. Sadly Clara passed the day after giving birth to my Dad. Their father, also Elwood, remarried and had two sons with Aunt Lina. So, you see, there are four brothers , one father, two mothers. But, it is even more complicated than that. Elwood Sr. passed away in 1932 ! The brothers were all young in 1932, Dad was only 8 and Elwood his brother 9. None of them remember their father very well for that reason. There is much to learn about family history here and I am excited ! Ellen has graciously supplied me with an e-mail for cousin Joyce as well ! How exciting is that ?
 There are a few family mysteries I hope to discover the real answer to. There has been some speculation about certain events. All the participants have long since passed and so perhaps the truth will be revealed. At the very least I hope to gain some insight. As I have often written even brothers, in the same place, at the same time, will have a different version of the story. I'm anxious to learn. I am familiar with the players but not the play. How and why is what I wish to know. History exists to be examined. I know what I was told about my Uncle Elwood and did met him at least twice. The other brothers Pete and Harry lived close by. Uncle Pete I knew quite well, the closest of my Uncles. and Uncle Harry I do not recall having ever met. Most likely I did though but kids don't pay much attention to such things.
 So now I'm off to write some e-mails. I feel like it may be a homecoming of sorts. I do not know how " into it " my cousins are but hope they share. I must say I have already received more information from Ellen than I have been able to confirm in several years of looking. Nothing like first hand knowledge to fill in the blanks. I'm loving it ! The price of my Ancestry subscription has paid for itself. Now it just a matter of how far is that door open ? I pretty much have an open door policy and will tell you anything you wish to ask. I don't take offense easily and do not judge you on whatever your parents, or other family members may or may not have done in the past. I'm just a curious person by nature. I used to listen to Paul Harvey for the obvious reason, I want to know the rest of the story. Perhaps I can close a chapter or two with my new found cousins. If nothing else, it will add a chapter ! Either way, I will keep trying to record it all.