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Thursday, June 2, 2016


 What are attachments ? They are something that is added on to improve the quality or functionality of something. Wouldn't you say that is a fair definition ? I am not thinking about attachments for your vacuum cleaner or Kitchen Aid mixer though. I am thinking about the things we attach ourselves too. Things like other people and treasured objects. Call them favorites if you will.
 The things we attach ourselves to should add to the quality of our lives. The primary attachment we need to establish is a moral and ethical code in which we conduct the business of everyday life. If that code alienates others from us perhaps we should review that code. The quality of our lives is measured internally by external factors. One can not live a life of quality by merely satisfying oneself. You may feel happy, but quality is not measured by happiness. Quality is measured by functionality and acceptance. Can it get the job done without hurting others ? We use tools to accomplish a task, it is the person using that tool that determines the quality. It is so with people as well. Choose your tools with care and exercise good judgement in their application. For me, the Bible is my toolbox. If I use the tools contained within , wisely and as intended, the result will be a quality product. Abuse, or attempt to modify those same tools and the results are not guaranteed. Harm to yourself and others will result.
 An attachment is something more. Something added. We should choose those attachments carefully.  Do these attachments improve functionality or purpose ? If you find those around you do not, do not hold on to them. That is not to say they are bad people, but a poor attachment for you.  Attachments should improve. The most likely cause is their attachment to a different ethical code. An attractive appearance is not a requirement of functionality. True with tools and people. When tools or people cause discomfort and effect the quality of our lives or work, they should be avoided. Attachment requires a bond. A bond can only be established by the cooperation of the two items. This is true whether bonding two pieces of material or two people. The quantity of the bonding medium is not as important as the quality of the bond. What I'm saying here is you can use the whole bottle of glue, exhausting yourself, and the bond will be no stronger than using the minimum amount. It is the quality that matters.
 As to material things and the attachments we make there, they are emotional. At least for me they are. The most important material possessions I own are really only valuable to me. I can honestly say I have never purchased a single item to impress someone else. I have desired the " popular " items that is true, but desired them for myself. I wanted them for me. I didn't hope to gain an advantage over others by their possession. Perhaps that is because I never had the funds to do otherwise, but that is another subject entirely. Emotional attachments are the hardest to break. That is why we should choose our personal attachments carefully. There are those that will say we don't get to choose. To them I say, your choices are made by the quality of your life. If you have established a strong attachment with a moral and ethical code, the choices come naturally. If you have not, the results are arbitrary.