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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fractured family

 As I wrote about yesterday I have been in touch with long lost cousins and the daughter of one of those cousins. I got excited and began to write and have some of the facts wrong. That is what happens when you rush in ! I apologize to the parties involved. I will get it straight. All this " new " information will take time to assimilate itself in this old brain of mine. Guess it means I will have to " delete " some files to make room. That's what I say when I become forgetful. The information has been coming in and I couldn't be more pleased.
 I am most anxious to learn more details of their lives and loves. These cousins grew up in what I would call the Midwest, Chicago Ill. They came to visit when I was young and so I don't remember much, plus, they are girls ! Young boys don't care about young girl cousins ! I spoke briefly with my sister last night and she remembers more than I. I'm hoping to " catch up " and learn about their childhood. What did they do and who were their influences ? They have found my blog and so if they read them they would get a good idea about me. I'm pretty much out there.
 I have some other projects in process but find I am distracted. I have to finish them up before I can really concentrate on this latest development. This is a great surprise and I'm grateful for it. I really enjoy getting confirmation on my findings. I had thought I had found my cousins in the past but couldn't be sure. Once a lady gets married the trail can become muddied. I try to keep my records as accurate as possible. Those findings were confirmed, from the person they applied too. Can't get any more accurate than that. There have been marriages, divorces, untimely deaths, and other circumstances that have separated the family. Family history is rife with that stuff. In more modern times children seldom stay and raise their families in the same town they grew up in. Modern folks are far more likely to move about, stretching the roots. Some will stay in touch and others become fractured. Mine has definitely been fractured, I'm doing what I can to put the pieces back together again. Am I looking for some happy ending ? No, I don't think so. To what end would that be ? We are all separate people and have led separate lives. We are joined by blood. We share common ancestors but not a common past. I'm happy and have no reason to think my cousins wouldn't be the same. It has only been time and circumstance that kept us apart. It is not a " healing " but establishing a connection. We each have milestone moments in our lives. I hope to discover some of them, to gain an understanding. I mean, I believe I know what mine are, for the most part, but what about others ? There is much to learn. A door has been opened and there is much to discover.