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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gentle justice

 One of the counties here in Maryland announced they had passed their budget. It was a local news item and of little interest to me. While the reporter droned on I continued my " facebooking " activities. Then, the reporter started talking about an amendment to be added to that budget. I hadn't been focusing on the story and so missed some details. The gist of it was an additional 250,000 dollars was needed. It is what this quarter million dollars was needed for that caught my attention.
 As I said I missed some of the details but this money was needed to hire four more " officers " to watch juveniles being escorted to court. You see, a physiologist and others had done a study. It seems that having these juveniles wear leg shackles while being taken to court was damaging their self esteem. They went on to say it was, in fact demeaning. So, no more leg shackles ! That will require the additional escorts and the additional funds to pay them.
 I couldn't help but mutter some expletive that I will need to ask forgiveness for. These juveniles are in court for obviously something rather serious. You don't get sent to " juvy " for nothing. Should not that experience be designed to create an impact on them ! Scared straight is an effective program, that has been proven. Maybe these kids need to be demeaned and humiliated just a little bit ! Kinda get their attention. The ones in shackles are considered a flight risk ! You don't get that designation without first having tried to flee. And now we need to spend another quarter million dollars of our tax money to make them feel better about themselves. It is a system gone crazy. Rehabilitation by coddling ? That certainly isn't the way I received correction. I received corporal punishment, verbal abuse and occasionally I was humiliated ! I can recall sitting in class with gum stuck to the end of my nose, to keep an eye on it, so it didn't wind up stuck to the desk or anywhere else ! I remember having to read aloud a note I tried to pass, so we call all share.
 I wonder if that physiologist has any children. I wonder if they looked at any children that have been raised using the old method, threats and intimidation. I found those techniques to be quite effective. Dad often threatened to put his size 8 1/2 in a certain spot of my body. I don't think that was even possible but never wanted to find out. I was also told if you got yourself locked up, don't call me, you got in there, get yourself out ! Bottom line was I was taught to be responsible for my own actions. No excuses. If you asked for it, you got it ! Whatever it was. I remember liberating a piece of bazooka Joe from the 5&10. When we got to the car I put that in my mouth. Mom says, where did you get that ? I lied, she knew it, and back into the 5&10 we went. I had to explain to the owner why I thought it was okay for me to just take his bubble gum. Humiliated and intimidated, you betcha. Never stole another thing in my life. You don't get bubble gum in prison you know ! All you get is a tin cup for water and a slice of bread. That's what happens to thieves. And who was on the cross next to Jesus ? Thieves. I got the message. It only occurred to me later that it was Jewish fellow that told me that. LOL. Ironic isn't it ? Effective, I'd say so.
 I could go on about this but you get the point here. The experts wonder why an increased rate of recidivism exists ? Gee, I wonder too. Wouldn't have anything to do with a lack of punishment would it ? No, it is a lack of coddling and understanding. Hey, we all make mistakes, you shouldn't be punished, humiliated or demeaned. I'm sure kindness will cure your evil ways. If we just explain it with compassion and forgiveness in our hearts, you will see the light.  If we reward your " good behavior " while in prison you won't want to come back. Sure you broke the law but we don't want you to feel bad about it. That would just be cruel now wouldn't it. Justice should be gentle. We mustn't damage anyone's self esteem.